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Literacy and Language

What is Literacy and Language?

Literacy and Language is a complete literacy programme for children in Years 3-6. It is designed to stimulate and challenge children's thinking and create enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers.


It provides explicit guidance for developing children's reading comprehension and writing composition with support for teaching grammar, vocabulary development, critical thinking and spoken language.

Literacy and Language is based on Anthologies of carefully chosen complete stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts by leading children's authors including Michael Morpurgo, Jeremy Strong, Roger McGough, Geraldine McCaughrean, Jamila Gavin, Roy Apps and Susan Price.
The range of stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts in Literacy and Language provide an opportunity for children to study texts which are absorbing, challenging and deep enough to dive into while being accessible to all children.
The children's increasing familiarity with a wide range of stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts will generate a desire for more reading for pleasure.

A Tale of Two Robots


This term we have been studying the story a 'Tale of Two Robots' by Roy Apps. It is a humorous science fiction that sees a young boy, Callum, design a Robot to clean his room so that he doesn't have to.


The children have been developing an insight into the different characters and have been working on writing in-role. They have done this through hot-seating, interviews and role play.


The children have worked really hard on writing in the role of a character and have done this by conducting a character interview. The children came up with questions to pose to the different characters and then went onto develop their work by answering the questions and performing their interview to the class. It's been great to see the children engage with the story and its characters and here are some examples of their excellent work!


Interviewer: What is it like being a room cleaning robot?

Robert the Robot: Borring! There's nothing worse than cleaning Callum's room everyday.

Mohammed 3P


Interviewer: How long did it take you to make Nita and what was the hardest part?

Shannon: It took quite a while because it was extremely hard and there was lots of pieces all over my room. the hardest part was the voice because there were lots of wires.

Anna 3R


Interviewer: What are you made of and why?

Robert the Robot: I'm made of metal, coat hangers and wires because metal is strong.

Caine 3P




Last term we were focusing on writing instructions. As a class we devised are own instructions on 'How to make a Bottle Band'.


We worked on laying out instructions clearly and using precise language. We also focused on the grammar that we used, the whole class made sure they included:

  • Adverbs of manner

  • Adverbs of time

  • Imperative verbs

  • Pictures and captions

  • Subheadings

  • Additional information


    The class really enjoyed creating their own instructions and came up with some brilliant pieces of work.

Bottle Band Instructions by Ella-Marie 3R

Bottle Band Instructions by Ella-Marie 3R 1
Bottle Band Instructions by Ella-Marie 3R 2

Sand Wizards

Sand Wizards 1 Year 3 Anthology and Pupil books
Sand Wizards 2 Inside the Year 3 Anthology and Pupil books
Sand Wizards 3 Our 'Sand Wizards' working wall

Some examples of our fantastically descriptive writing inspired by 'Sand Wizards' by Jon Blake.


I had settled by the rocks.  I laid down on my warm and lovely towel.  I watched the children darting in and out of the glimmering, azure waves. 


As time wore on, more and more children came.  They were having lots of fun, so I asked if I could play with them.  They said, "Of course." It was a perfect day.



From everywhere, I could hear the children's splashes in the glittering, azure waves.  I could see the ice-cream man giving the children lovely, yummy ice-cream.  I settled on my beach towel, by the shady trees on the soft, shimmering sand.  I heard my friends calling to me. 

They were shouting excitedly, "Come in the pool! It's lovely and warm."

I replied, "Ok!".  It was a lovely day.



The sky was like a big, black shadow coming over the beach.  The eerie clouds swept swiftly across the huge, black sky.  The cold wind grew stronger and it looked like a shadowy storm was brewing.


I could see the surfers enjoying the great, big waves on the immense, eerie ocean.  As I walked across the beach, I could hear crashing waves, smashing on the gigantic cliffs.  After a while, I felt ice cold raindrops fall on my bare skin.


As time wore on, the rain began to pour down and the waves began to rise and crash against the gigantic cliffs.  The surfers were riding the waves gleefully.  Meanwhile a dark shadow was silently approaching the surfers.

"Get out!" I yelled.

It was a horrible day.