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School Clubs

For the Summer Term we are running these clubs:



Rock climbing - children will visit the Leisure Centre and test their limits on the climbing wall.

Brain Fit - A mindful, positive 45 minute workout to boost confidence and self esteem - led by Mrs Moules (ends at 4pm)



No clubs on Tuesday's - all the staff are at their staff meeting.



Sewing - for Years 3-6

Tennis - for Years 3-4

S.K.I.P. Training - For Year 2 pupils (Successful Kinesthetic Instruction Programme). Fundamental movement skills for our younger children to improve their physical literacy. (Ends at 4pm).

HMS Heroes and friends (For MoD children and their friends, Years 3-6). Ends at 4pm.



Tennis for Years 5 and 6 (Ends at 4pm)

Zen Colouring for Years 3-4 (Ends at 4pm)

Cymraeg Cwl (Ends at 4pm)

Rounders for Year 5-6 (Ends at 4pm)

Bench Ball for Years 5-6 (Ends at 4pm)


Click on the links below to see the exciting activities that are happening in our school.