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Christmas Show

Here are some further instructions and information to help access the Christmas Performance.



The performance will play "live" at 1pm on 17.12.20 - This cannot be watched before this time, but can be watched at any time afterwards until Sunday of this week. While running live, you can pause and rewind but not fast forward - you will be able to fast forward after the premiere.


If asked to Sign in or sign up, click "No thanks" -  you should not need an account to access the show. 


You can have the page loaded ahead of time, and a countdown will start two minutes before the show begins. Nothing will happen, just a still screen, before this time


Accessing the show


A link has been sent to you to access the show. If you are struggling to open the link on a device other than your phone:


Option 1 - View this link on your TV, if you have a web browser - YOUTUBE LINK - Please don't share the link widely - use private messaging if you need to share with a family who is finding it difficult to access.


Option 2 - You can "cast" from your phone using Airplay or Chromecast if you have these function on your TV.


Option 3 - If your TV has a Youtube app, search "Prendergast Primary School" and you will see the premiere available as a link in our channel. 


We hope that you are able to access the show. It has been difficult to arrange this given the circumstances, but please be assured we will make access available to any family who can't access electronically after Christmas.