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Family Fun & Learning programme

Summer 2017

Spring 2017


Read, Write, Inc. the Next Steps


Led by our Read, Write, Inc. leader, Miss Harte, this session provides information for parents, carers and grandparents about how to support learners with reading. We will also cover:


  • Online resources that will support phonic knowledge at home.
  • Links to resources to that show families how the Read, Write, Inc. system is used in school.
  • A chance to ask questions about reading.


This session is aimed at families that have learners working in the Read, Write, Inc. system in Years 2 and 3.


Where: School Library   When: 1.30PM - 2:45PM

Welsh for the terrified!


Friday 3rd February - School Library - 1:30PM - 2:30PM - Tea and Coffee with a Welsh Cake served!


This is an opportunity for those parents who are maybe not originally from Wales, or those parents who have forgotten more Welsh than they have learnt, to pick up some basic patterns. To talk about themselves, to learn some of the phrases that their children are learning and to answer any questions you have about the language with our Welsh co-ordinator Miss Williams. 


This is for novices and will be a fun chance for parents to learn some new skills.


Please do fill in the form if you are applying, so that we can make sure there is a Welsh Cake available for you!


The link is here.

Maths Makes Sense Workshop


This session is open to parents in Year 1-3


A chance to talk to Mrs Bond, our Maths Makes Sense Leader, about key parts of our maths learning system. The sessions will have hands-on and practical elements, but also offer a cup of tea and a chance to ask questions.


This session takes place on Friday 27th January between 1:30PM and 2:30PM.



Family Friday Programme - Spring 2017

Session 1 - Using Technology for Learning

Due to a technical issue, this form was not working. It is now OPEN and will be until the end of Wednesday 18th January.


Friday 20th January 2017 - 1:30PM - Prendergast CP School.


This session is an opportunity to learn about using J2E and the suite of tools provided by the Welsh Government in the Hwb+ platform.


This session is open to parents / carers of children in Year 3 to 6.


The session will be chance to explore what the tools can offer, learn the basics and to complete a short project with your child.



Autumn 2016

Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online will be an opportunity to hear some of the latest guidance for keeping your children safe online at home. Mr Clarke will talk to you about protecting identities, demonstrate what the consequences can be of sharing information online, and will also talk about the steps parents can take to protect themselves online as well.


The session takes place on Friday 18th November at 1:30PM. In order to place this workshop in the most appropriate location, please let us know by completing a very quick online form if you are intending to come along. 


The form can be found by following the link below.