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Learning to Read (Read Write Inc Phonics)

At Prendergast C.P. School, we use the 'Read Write Inc. Phonics' programme to introduce our children to the skill of reading.


Children start on the programme in the final term of Nursery.  The Phonics programme is delivered to children in the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.  Some older children may still need help with phonics as it is important to have secure phonic knowledge in order to become a profficient reader.


The Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme provides a strong foundation in reading skills, which children need to access all other areas of the curriculum.  Children become competent readers, able to use their skills now and in later life:

·       Phonics – The individual sounds in reading. Children learn a new sounds every day or go over sounds that they know.

·       Segmenting – Children practise using an activity called 'Fred Fingers' to find out how many sounds there in words, listen to individual sounds and rehearse breaking down unfamiliar words.

·       Blending – Children put individual sounds together to make full words.

·       Spelling – Children learn to use Fred Fingers to help them spell words as well as hear and see them.

·       Reading – Children read books that contain green (blendable) and red (not blendable) words. They rehearse these words, syllables and word roots, as well as any tricky new vocabulary before attempting to read the book. Reading is all about confidence, flow and success with the Read Write Inc. programme. Children will read the book at least three times, concentrating on different aspects of reading each time: The mechanics, expression in reading, and questions about the story.


The children will start to bring home reading books when we feel they are ready.  When children become more confident with their phonic knowledge and fluency, they will have a wider choice of books to choose from. At home, the most important thing about reading is that it is a positive experience.  If your child is reading to you, they should be able to read the text with ease - showing you what they can do.  Praise your child for what they can do. Please do also read to your child, every day! The books you read to them can be far more complicated than the books they can read for themselves as they will be read by an adult.  It is an opportunity to introduce your child to interesting and varied vocabulary.


Remember, your child can access reading books using their Oxford Reading Buddy login; by registering with Oxford Owl or by making use of the town library.


To hear how you should pronounce the pure sounds as in the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme, please view the videos below. We do not recommend following any additional links once the videos finish and cannot be held responsible for their content.



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