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Autumn Term 2018. Week 9

It has been such a quick week at school. The INSET day on Monday meant that we needed to absorb five days into four - and the children have been a credit to us all.

Throughout the week and throughout the school, there has been a focus upon WW1 100 years Remembrance. We have seen some fantastic work emerging, culminating today in Year 5 leading an exceptionally emotive service. When our school hall is filled with all our children and silence - it is always a remarkable experience and one which makes us feel so proud to be part of such a great school family.

Thank you Year 5, Mrs Edwards, Miss Williams, Mrs Buxton and Mrs Raymond for preparing these wonderful children so well in order for them to lead with such confidence.

A group of our children have been working on Project Peace with local artist, Pip Lewis and some of our best friends from the Day Centre - this work will be displayed at Space to Create, next Monday at 6.00pm. We hope that all members in our community will have he opportunity to see this work - if not on Monday, then later in the term when the work is displayed at school.

In my blog, written on Week 6 this term , I informed you about Mrs Picton Jones attending an awards gala and visiting the Prime Minister in recognition of her truly amazing work as founder of The DPJ Foundation. I am sure that may of you will now know that Mrs Picton Jones has won a Pride of Britain Award for her outstanding work, televised earlier this week.

I referred to her earlier in the week with staff as the Pride of Prendergast. We cannot emphasise as to how much she is a great inspiration to others - her energy, commitment and determination to support those with mental health issues  in rural communities, whilst being a Mum to her two young children and a full time teacher is to be applauded !! Well Done Mrs Picton Jones - we are all proud of you !!!


Thank you to all the families who have supported us on entry and exit with the adverse weather this week. We aim to keep our children as safe as possible.


Have a good a good weekend !