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Autumn Term Week Six

The week ended with a special assembly led by our children  in 6K . The assembly provided us with some very important messages around the importance of good mental health. The children spoke about the importance of realising how unique we all are and that everyone is special and when you catch someone doing a good thing, then share it. I always feel that this is something that our children always do well at in Prendergast - everyday , we hear compliments given to children who have shown good Values -either by the giving of a token, or simply with words. The children show real appreciation.


The messages continued with a reminder as to how we can share any problems at our school - though Check Ins, by talking to a trusted adult, using a Worry Box etc. and for the older children particularly, the opportunity to stay calm and appreciative by the use of reflection or Yoga. Thank You 6k. 


We are always proud of our children but we are also proud of our staff    - we must give a special mention to Mrs Picton Jones, who this week, who enjoyed an awards gala with celebrities and spent an afternoon with the Prime Minister in recognition of her dedication towards improving mental health in rural communities.


Have a good weekend everyone, be careful in the high winds if out and about.