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Mrs D Davies Blog Autumn Term 7

This week has been different in many ways . The week began with storms and schools across the County closing due to the bad weather.  We always aim to keep our school open if we can and will always keep our parents updated via text and website - Monday was such an example. PCC decided to close all remaining schools by 1.30 ish and some parents had notification before the school via PCC Twitter/ Facebook. I can only thank our parents for waiting so patiently whilst we dismissed our children as safely as possible from the school hall.


On Tuesday there were many late arrivals at school due to the traffic congestion in Haverfordwest, Wednesday saw the Cross Country tournament being postponed due to poor weather and yesterday around 300 children received their flu vaccination. Today, the children have been FANTASTIC     - the day started at 9.00 with a fire drill and evacuation drill, the latter involving walking the children onto STP site. They returned within 25 minutes and then enjoyed a whole school community assembly led by 4H. The message of the assembly was clear and put across in a very child friendly manner, reminding us all that we may look different but we are all the same inside.. Rainbow People in a Rainbow School !!


In the afternoon, we all began with a five minute rehearsal of a school lockdown security drill , some of our parents looked at school performance data and Year 2 had an open afternoon for parents.

It has certainly been a varied week. 


Next week will be the final week in school before half term , parents have the opportunity to join us during one of our parents ' evenings  and we shall be treating the children to a  disco after school on Thursday Evening .


Have a good weekend everyone - please be e safe and be mindful when your children re using mobiles, particularly with anonymous apps.