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Mrs D Davies Summer Term Week 5

This week had a good start following our Rugby Team's performance in Aberystwyth on Sunday.  They reached the finals of the Urdd National Finals and played brilliantly - we are so proud of them.  It was a highlight of the week to have an email from one of the WRU referees who were with the team saying that "they were the  greatest school that he had worked with alongside the pitch and off" - what a statement!  Well done boys!


This week also, most of our Yr 5 children have visited the Urdd Centre in Cardiff.  They enjoyed the experience of Ice Skating, Techniquest, The Royal Mint etc... and lunch at The World Buffett.  A few of them took a fall when ice skating and their attitudes to their injuries were fantastic - a credit to their parents and accompanying staff - showing absolute resilience with a will to carry on regardless - they too are a credit to their families and school.


Everyday in school is a joy - you never know how the day will work out which of course is the delight we experience when working with children.  Throughout the week, our youngest boys and girls have been preparing for a Royal Party - they were overjoyed today to have a visit from "The Queen".  We smile at the thought of the stories that families will hear over the weekend around this.!!


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend everyone!