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Mrs Davies's Blog - 01.05.20

c Good Morning Everyone,


I hope that you have had a good week with your family and that you and people who live with you are safe and well. I hope that you have been keeping yourselves safe by staying with those in your household and also been taking advantage of the good weather during your daily hour's exercise outdoors or maybe through play in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one.


We still see some children most days if they have parents who are critical keyworkers and they attend our childcare setting at school.

Your teachers tell me that many of you are working really hard at your Home Learning and they are impressed with your efforts, thank you for this . Work as hard as you can for as long as you can and remember to have fun time also. Be proud of your achievements.


We are still working very hard as staff and we have to get used to some new things too. We , like you, have to spend more time working from home and many of us find that very tricky. We still meet up regularly to discuss you and your learning but now it is just a few people  at a time in school or virtually using tools such as Skype or Teams , when we can all see each other on a screen. It is a different way of working for us and we shall all have lots of stories to share when we are back together again.


If you are having difficulty with your learning or have some worries, please let your teacher know, I know most of you are in contact with them.


A message for our parents and carers - well done ! We realise the pressure that everyone is experiencing during these times. Please remember that we are here for you . If you need anything, please let us know . There is staff at school throughout the weekdays who can support you and signpost you . We don't want anyone worrying any more than they need to.


Take care and stay safe you precious people !


D. Davies