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Mrs. Davies's Blog Spring Term Week 9

It has been another busy week at school and I am sure that many of you are experiencing an increasing concern re Covid 19.  You will all know that the advice is for schools to stay open at this current time, continuing with normal practice.


For your information, I feel it is important that you are aware of some of our newly established protocol over the next couple of weeks.


  -  The school purchased additional soap gels, tissues and sanitiser and  set in place a rigorous handwashing regime across the whole school.


  -  The school nurse team supported the children with additional handwashing advice.


  -  Additional cleaning hours have ensured that door handles, entry points etc. are thoroughly cleaned, there is hand sanitiser placed in Reception for visitor use prior to entering the main body of the school.


  -  Throughout the school, we have all adopted "Catch It, Bin It, Kill It"


From next week, we shall no longer be holding whole school assemblies and non essential large scale community events (our school hall will also be experiencing lower capacity due to solar panels being installed next week), in addition we shall stagger break and lunchtimes to reduce numbers in the same area.


Our children will continue to learn and thrive, we want them to remain happy and engaged in activities and we will keep you updated regarding any information that we feel you need to know.


Have a good weekend.