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Mrs Davies's Blog Summer Term 1

The children have returned to school in good spirits, ready to start the Summer Term - albeit a very short and busy half term ahead.


We welcome many newbies to the school, both across the school and in the Nursery and congratulated them on settling well. We also congratulate our "big" Nursery children who are now Full Timers.


Over the next couple of weeks, the school (as all other schools) will be participating in The National Tests for our Year 2 to Year 6 children. We ask our parents to not worry regarding the testing  - as you are aware the wellbeing of our children is at the heart of all we do here and the school considers many factors when assessing the achievements of our pupils  -National Test results are just one such factor, the Values that our children show and the work they produce when engaged in their daily lessons give us wonderful evidence of their daily, consistent achievements of which we are all proud.


I thank all parents and carers (Y1-6) for dropping off your children at the playground gate this week. This has been a great success as the children have had the full playground area to use at the start of the day and movement into class is relaxed and timely.

There have been a few late arrivals, we ask those parents to please ensure that your child arrives in good time for Registration and Check Ins  -  it is always a little embarrassing to arrive late and  we really do not want our   children to feel uncomfortable at the start of the day.


Thank you to our Rights Councillors who joined this week's staff meeting regarding the update of our Rights Charters, they were superb- our Provider commented upon their amazing contributions  - they wowed us all!


Our additional salad bar has worked well for our little people this week and I thank all the Catering and Lunchtime staff for such hard work. As the next few weeks progress, we shall be working with Catering Services to expand the menu with daily packed lunch options... we shall certainly need your help with this!!


I am sure that you won't forget the Bank Holiday on Monday - have a great weekend.