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Mrs Davies's Blog.Spring Term 7

We have reached the end of a very busy half term here at Prendergast C.P. with so many events taking place throughout the school. There have been so many highlights.


This week has certainly been one which we shall all remember and I would personally like to thank our parents for their support during  a time that has been quite difficult for all and extremely difficult for a few. We know that our large town school operates like a small family school with a genuine care and respect within the community and this ethos has been tangible throughout the week. Our thoughts are with one precious individual and one family in particular.It is a time to reflect upon all our children, how special and unique they are and to realise how every one of them is a gift to treasure.


Our children have the ability to brighten our lives and always give a focus in times of difficulty and school has continued with its busy schedule. There was a smile upon the faces of all here this morning when Y1 staff arrived in readiness for their Superheroes day. When you look at the photo, I  am sure that you cannot help but to sense the fun that the children have had in school as they conclude this half term's topic. We have seen parties, "sleepovers", film producing of the Rebecca Riots, Fairy Tale potions and picnics, just to mention a few experiences today!


Enjoy the half term break with your families and we shall see you on the 27th.