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Prendergast C.P. School Nursery


At Prendergast C.P. School, the Nursery provides the introduction to the ‘Foundation Phase’ – the Welsh Government’s developmental curriculum for three- to seven-year-olds. The Foundation Phase encourages children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun, learning in a natural and effective way. Children are provided with opportunities to explore the world around them, and understand how things work.The Foundation Phase is built upon the principles of ‘learning through play’. Learning through play helps children to develop and extend their language and communication skills. It allows them to be creative, to investigate and explore different materials, and gives them opportunities to experiment and predict outcomes. It also helps children to develop their confidence, self-motivation and learn to control their thoughts and actions. Our activities provide opportunities for children to test their abilities, use initiative, take risks and make mistakes without fear of failure. Through play, children learn the skills of negotiation and the art of forming relationships with their peers. During their time in our Nursery class, opportunities for play include, to name a few: construction play, role play, creative play, symbolic play such as mark making (for example drawing, painting, writing, and so on) and exploratory play. 


The Foundation Phase has seven Areas of Learning (see the diagram below) which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences, both indoors and outdoors.


Throughout their time in Nursery, children are given experiences that increase their curiosity in the world around them. They are shown how to demonstrate care, responsibility, concern and respect for all living things and the environment. They are also encouraged to develop their own ideas, and learn how to express their opinions and feelings. Taking part in creative, imaginative and expressive activities in art, craft, design, music, dance and movement helps to support creative development. 


Take a look at some of our photos to get a small taste of the Nursery. 




Parents and carers,


information will be shared on Class Dojo, including photographs of activities we undertake. Photos shared here will be a small sample, showing life in the Nursery at Prendergast School.

Home learning activities can now be found by logging on to Class Dojo.

Afternoon Nursery paint a Pudsey Bear head, using a cork to print the spots.

Morning Nursery paint a Pudsey Bear head, using a cork to print the spots.

We made clay hedgehogs - look at their spikes!

Nursery children paint poppies for Remembrance Day

Still image for this video

We scooped the seeds out of the pumpkins and planted them.

Pumpkin rolling photographs

Harri (the kind donator of the pumpkins) rolls the biggest pumkin.

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Thank you for all the fun, Harri and family. :-)

Ryan - pumpkin rolling

Still image for this video
This pumpkin rolled all the way through our willow tunnel and out the other end, even rolling around the bends!

Sophie - pumpkin rolling

Still image for this video

Ollie rolls the pumpkin

Still image for this video
Good job, Ollie.

Logan - pumpkin rolling

Still image for this video

Olivia - pumpkin rolls.

Still image for this video
Go, Olivia!

Nayah - pumpkin rolling

Still image for this video
... and showing the skill of perseverance

Layla pumpkin rolls.

Still image for this video

Thomas - pumpkin rolling.

Still image for this video
High five, Thomas.

Isla - pumpkin rolling.

Still image for this video

Scarlet - pumpkin kicking.

Still image for this video
Whoops. :-)

Romeo - pumpkin rolls.

Still image for this video
He gave himself a victory clap after his roll (Miss Harte had stopped the camera).

Charlie does a celebratory dance - pumpkin rolling.

Still image for this video

Elliott - pumpkin rolls.

Still image for this video
Like a ‘pro’, and even puts his hands in his pockets aferwards - “job done.”

Calvin - pumpkin rolling.

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If, at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. :-)

Ivy - pumpkin rolling.

Still image for this video
She nearly followed the pumpkin down!

Afternoon Nursery run down the hillock in the wild area.

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Morning Nursery run down the hillock in the wild area.

Still image for this video

... and more morning Nursery children run down the hill.

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Pumpkin Rolling Compilation Video.

Still image for this video
(As seen in the school’s Harvest Celebration video)

Ffion shows the value of kindness, helping Ella with her shoes.

Letter about Shwmae Day (Thursday 15th October), Muddy Mondays and a few other bits...

Looking through a magnifying glass.

3 friends

Ella plays with cars.

Abby chooses to read.

Reading books. It is important that children listen to stories and look at books every day, at home and in school.

Morning Nursery enjoy the tricycles. We are practising our pedalling.

Morning Nursery children enjoy the playground.

Morning Nursery children experiment with peg-boards. This type of work helps our fine manipulation skills. We also talk about colours and can do some counting at the same time.

Morning Nursery children made a train out of chairs... choo choo!

Blocks and Lego

We are practising our threading. These fine motor skills will help us with writing. (Morning)

Outside on the playground

Threading beads onto laces helps our fine motor control (this will help us to hold a pencil and write neatly )

We are learning to say the names and colours of shapes. Can you spot lots of shapes at home? (Afternoon Nursery)

Train track (afternoon Nursery)

Painting (afternoon Nursery)

Afternoon Nursery draw and colour.

Afternoon Nursery build with blocks and Lego.

Apple printing - we cut some apples in half and used them to make prints. (Afternoon Nursery)

We picked apples from an apple tree in the 'wild area'. We washed them and cut them up to taste them. There were 3 different types of apple. Yummy! (Afternoon Nursery)

Tuesday 15th September, 2020


A very big welcome to our new and returning Nursery children. The new children in Nursery had their first full session today and those who were with us before lockdown had not been in school for 6 whole months - a very long time for a little person. We are so proud of how well the children settled in. The physical Nursery environment feels different to usual, with far less equipment available to the children, and certain activities banned for now (due to following COVID-safe guidelines). The children are, however, amazing - flexible and resilient. We will post information and some photographs of activities on this page, so please keep checking back. Thank you also to the grown-ups for trusting us with your precious children, and for coping with our new entry and dismissal arrangements.

Letter - week beginning 14th September 2020