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Pupil Improvement Plan 2018\19

On Friday 15th of September, National Democracy Day, we held elections in school to establish a number of new groups.  Below are photos of our new School Council and School Rights Group.  Following on from our elections and for the first time in school, we held interviews for the post of Head Girl and Head Boy.  The successful candidates are also pictured below.

Head Girl and Head Boy 2017

Our School Rights Group 2017

Our School Council 2017

Our Year 6 School Councillors attended a consultation today as part of The Review of Secondary Education Provsion in Haverfordwest.  They will feedback to our children and encourage them to respond using the the web address
Our School Councillors complete Activities for Play Consultation as part of Pembrokeshire County Councils Play Straegy Review. 
Following their recent election to The School Council, our new School Councillors took part in Boot Camp.  The sessions delivered were 'The Perfect School Council Member', 'Learning the Lingo', 'Diamond Nine' (how to rank the order of agenda items) and 'School Council Quiz'.  Our children were supported by Cllr Yelland and Cllr Evans, from Pemrokeshire County Council, and Cllr Sue Murray from Haverfordwest Town Council.  They shared their vast experience of being involved in community groups with our children and saw Democracy in action at our school.  

Our new School Council at Boot Camp!