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All homework will be varied and based on the learning which has already taken place in class. This will give your child the chance to embed the skills they have learnt in school and is a great opportunity for you to have discussions about their learning. 


Your child will bring home a book to read for pleasure. We would like you to record any reading at home in their diaries.

Times Tables

We would like your child to practise their times tables as much as possible.  This will enable them to have quicker recall of their number facts which, in turn, will help them to improve their mental arithmetic.  You will find a copy of the times tables in the back of their Home/School Communication book.  There are also many websites with enjoyable games to practise maths skills.


Homework 14/9/18

This week we are covering our homework books and writing a face file about ourselves. Have a look at Ms Picton-Jones fact file for inspiration.

This is a link to a page which may help you with J2E.