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13th January 2021

We have moved our learning and class communication to Class Dojo. If you haven't signed yet, please go to Learning - DISTANT LEARNING - Reception Class Dojo link.  It takes you to a letter  explaining everything.

Thank you


Miss Esteban


You can  email if you have any queries:

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Bore da pawb!

Learning must go on!

These are the tasks for today.


Reading and writing farm animals 

Let’s write some animals down! Discuss with your child if they remember some of the animals from yesterday’s story. Say the names slowly and encourage/model your child to write them down.  

You can make it a game e.g. write word down and show it to your child while you read it. Put the word away and challenge them to write them without looking at it. You can check it together. They love having ‘ticks’ on their work. Or write the words and challenge them to read them, you can help them with little pictures of the animals alongside them.  

Pig, hen, duck, dog, cat 

Extension: horse, sheep and cow. 



Follow the link and learn all about number 7.

Growing 6, 7, 8!

Session 2


Topic: When I grow up I want to be a farmer


Being a farmer is hard work, they need to know all about farm animals. Would you like to learn about farm animals too? 

Follow the link and watch the video or maybe you have books at home you can learn from.


Draw a farm map, with 4 cows, 6 sheep, 1 dog, 5 hens, 2 pigs and 1 donkey. Or maybe you can choose how many animals you want to draw, just let me know how many you counted! 



11th January 2021 Reception Home Learning

Bore da Derbyn!

I hope you all had a good weekend, my hot water bottle was very handy... smiley

You should all have received a text to join our Class Dojo, in the very near future, this is going to be our way to set tasks and communicate. Some of you have already signed in and are uploading photos in your portfolios, thank you!

Remember to keep using Reading Eggs too!yes

Be happy and stay safe!

If you have any queries, you can still contact me via email.

Miss Esteban:


These are the three tasks for today:


Follow the link to listen to ‘Farmer Duck’ story. This is a lovely story about farm animals. Being a farmer is hard work, but I don’t think this farmer fits the profile…

Watch, listen and enjoy the story. 


Follow the link to White Rose Maths Home Learning, Reception, ‘Growing 6, 7, 8!, Session 1.

Today we are learning about 6. I hope you enjoy a Number 6 Hunt!









Topic: When I grow up I want to be a Farmer

5 Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme

Read and sing 5 Little Ducks, use your fingers to show the numbers of ducks.

Extension: Create stick puppets to role play the story. You can draw the 5 ducklings and mummy duck and then stick them to spoons.


Happy New Year!

Welcome back! This year starts a little bit differently, learning from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Learning must go on!

Our New topic is ‘When I grow up I want to be...’, we are going to be learning about jobs and focusing on trying the best that we can be.

We have some websites to help us with our learning too:


Your child should have a username and password for Reading Eggs, if this is not the case, please email me and I will provide you with it.

Ensure your child spends time on this website every day, the lessons are fun, repetitive and the children learn effortlessly.


We use this site as our main frame for our numeracy learning. The lessons are designed to do at home and are easy to follow.

This week I chose three of the lessons, but you are welcome to do all 5 if you want!



I would love to hear from you, send me pictures or videos of your work!

Please email me if you have any queries.

Miss Esteban’s email:


6th January 2021 – Reception Online Home Learning


There is a resource pack for your child to be collected at school, it has the resources you need for your child’s home learning this week. Alternatively, there are some files with originals; you can print them, use some paper from home or just do them orally!





Topic: When I grow up I want to be…


Reading words

Practice with your child the words in the flash cards from the resource pack. Encourage your child to do ‘Fred Talk’; say each sound first and then blend them together.

Practice a few words at a time, praise attempts and build on success with repetitions.

Use ticks on the cards every time they read them, make it a challenge! How many can they read by the end of the week? How many times they read them? How many ticks have they got?


Visit the following link to White Rose Maths


Alive in 5 – Week 3

Session 1

Play the video with your child, pause when necessary and follow activities.


I am a Reporter


Explain to your child, he/she is going to be  a reporter.  You are going to find out what people do-jobs. Ask everyone in your household and you can always ask grandparents, uncles and friends over the phone or video call!

Children love props, so don’t be afraid of using a microphone, or a hair brush pretending to be one!

Model to your child how to be a reporter asking questions, keeping microphone close to you when you ask the questions and moving it closer to the other person to answer.


What is your job?

What do you have to do?

How do you become a ……?

Why are you a …?


Extension – Role play different jobs with your child – use some props, pretend to be a police person or an astronaut!



Write a thank you letter to Santa

Start by saying

 Dear Santa,

Thank you for …..

Finish by saying

 From ……

Model to your child how to write the letter, they may copy from another piece of paper or maybe they can write it copying underneath your writing. Encourage them to have a go at spelling simple words, listening to the sounds as you say them slowly.

Remind them of finger spaces, capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and full stop at the end.

Extension – Draw a picture of some of your presents from Santa or you playing with them.

Visit the following link to White Rose Maths


Alive in 5 – Week 3

Session 2

Play the video with your child, pause when necessary and follow activities.


Learning about jobs

Share with your child the job resources cards. Introduce the job, name it and give small description. Encourage your child to express his/her knowledge and connections with his/her experiences. Do they know somebody who is a doctor/ or a nurse or a postman?

Celebrate diversity! And make sure there is not gender or ability differences, avoiding stereotypes.

Extension – Once you have introduced and discussed the jobs with your child, ask your child to sort them into two piles, one for jobs he/she would like to be and the other pile for jobs he/she is not that interested in, maybe you can discuss reasons for it too!



Reading for pleasure


Choose a favourite story with your child to read together. Ask your child if they can see the full stops. Make it evident that you stop every time you reach one. You can follow the writing with your finger to show how you stop when you reach a full stop.

Extension- Read the story and this time don’t use your finger to follow the writing. Ask your child if she/he knows where you are at by looking for the next full stop.

Visit the following link to White Rose Maths


Alive in 5 – Week 3

Session 5

Play the video with your child, pause when necessary and follow the instructions to make playdough


When I grow up I want o be…

Discuss with your child what they would like to be when they grow up.

Say the word slowly and ask your child which sounds can the hear, being the first one the most important to recognise.

Model writing it and then encourage your child to do it in the bubble. Help your child to write their name  and age.

Extension: Draw a picture of him/herself doing that job.




Bore da pawb!

What a year it has been! For the last week of term we would have normally planned a trip to the beach or park, this time circumstances are different, but we do not want you to miss out, so instead we thought about you planning a lovely outing somewhere as a family, maybe joining some friends, respecting social  distancing rules of course! Put some ideas together, using a brainstorm bubble, decide by voting where you are going. Make a list of the things you would like to take; balls, bucket and spade, kite... And also plan which food and drinks you are going to take, a picnic! you can make sandwiches as you have practiced lately and maybe baking some cookies too! smiley


We would love to see your pictures having fun and enjoying a day out! Keep using our email address or your J2e hwb account.


Plan many days out this summer and remember to show our school Values wherever you go, we are very proud of you! Have a great summer!


Take care and be safe!


Reception Staff heart


 P.S. Keep reading Oxford Reading Buddy, they are not going on holiday!

13th July 2020

Bore da pawb!

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather this last weekend, we are loving the smell of summer and ice-cream! Not long to go now until the end of the term, keep up with your learning at home and have fun with it!


Remember to keep reading  and use Oxford Reading Buddy.


Keep healthy, engaged and active!


We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  


You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:






Day 1 – How Many Legs 

  • Guess my rule 

  • Animal patterns 

  • Create your own pattern 

** Eyes Down ** 

The children love a game of bingo, so we have repeated this one from last week. 

See last week’s planning for a copy of the bingo board. 

Mixing a potion 

Can you head outside and collect leaves, flowers, twigs etc to mix together to create a potion?  What will your potion do? 

Remember to ask an adult before touching any leaves or flowers. 

Day 2 – How Many Legs 

  • Ordering the animals 


I spy 

Can you head outside and play I-spy with an adult or an older sibling? Write your words down remembering to use your Fred fingers. 

(Adults – use CVC words or CVVC words if you fancy a challenge.) 


Can you grab your favourite game and play it with an adult or older sibling.  Good luck! 

Day 3 – How Many Legs 

  • Animal combo addition 



Can you read words using the ‘chunking method?’ 

Chunking is when you break words down into manageable chucks e.g. ‘sheep’ -  sh   ee    p 

Daisy chain 

Can you head to your nearest patch of grass to find lots of daisy chains?  Try and make an extra-long daisy chain – adults can be in charge of the tying while the children get to do the picking! 

Day 4 – How Many Legs 

  • Leggy subtraction 


Oxford Reading Buddy 

Can you log onto Oxford Reading Buddy and choose a story to read?  Try the quiz too! 

Being Arty 

Can you make a piece of creative work with an adult or sibling?  Maybe you could do some vegetable printing, paint a picture, or make a sculpture using recycled materials. 

Day 5 – How Many Legs 

  • “I am Game” challenge 

  • Make your own ‘Legs’ book 


Pupil Choice 


Choose any literacy task of your choice. 

Pupil Choice 


It’s time to choose your own learning activity/game and tell us all about it! 

6th July 2020

Bore da pawb!

We have prepared for you another week of fantastic and exciting home learning activities. Keep it up, only a few home learning weeks left before we break


Remember to keep reading  and use Oxford Reading Buddy.


Keep active, engaged and active!


We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  


You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:




Topic / Thrive


Day 1 – The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

  • Shape - making a rocket or rocket command station
  • Count down from 20 to blast off!
  • Lunchbox challenge

Eyes Down!

Can you read the words (remember to use your Fred Talk if you need too) and match up the words with the correct picture.

(See attached document below)

If you don’t have access to a printer, you could try making your own!

Challenge – can you make your own bingo word using tricky words?

Can you make your own play dough?

Try adding some different things like lavender or lemon to make it smell good.  How about adding some glitter to make it sparkle?  How many different items can you make using your play dough?  Can you make something and see if an adult can guess what it is?

Keep it in a sealed tub or plastic bag in the fridge for tomorrow...


Day 2 – The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

  • Arranging patterns in different ways
  • Dinosaur art

Can you listen to the story?

Listen to it again and then stop the video.  Can you tell your adult the story using your own words?  Try and re tell it in the right order as it happened.

Challenge – can you use some ‘wow’ words you re-tell the story?

Playdough rock pool

Using the playdough you made yesterday, make some of the animals you will find in a rock pool i.e. hermit crab, fish, seaweed, jellyfish, octopus, clams...

You can create your rock pool by putting them on a tray or shoe box, with a blue cloth as background.

We can’t wait to see your pictures!


Day 3 – The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

  • Counting planets – one more


Writing sentences

Can you try and write some sentences about the story you listened to yesterday.  Make it an interesting sentence and remember to use your smart letters and Fred talk.

Challenge - use a capital letter and a full stop.

Making a sandwich

Can you make a sandwich for your adult or brother or sister?  Ask them what filling they would like and maybe check if they would like a drink.

Ask an older brother, sister or adult to watch over you to make sure that you’re safe.


Day 4 – The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

  • Rocket doubles games
  • Rocket rides – partitioning   


Review your writing

Can you continue with yesterday’s task?  Look over your sentences and if you have a purple colouring pencil, try and it use it to correct any mistakes.

Remember that we call it, ‘purple polishing’ in school.

Make your own dance

Can you pick your favourite song and make up a crazy dance to it.  Dance to it with an adult or brother or sister.


Day 5 – The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

  • Making a volcano
  • Draw your own planet
  • Guess my rule
  • Listening to your favourite song – tap and clap to the rhythm


Pupil Voice

Choose your own literacy task.  This could be reading your favourite story, designing a front cover for a story, writing a postcard or a note to a friend………


Pupil Voice

Feeling inspired?

It’s your time to choose your learning!



Rec LG - Home Learning Hero

Rec EE - Home Learning Hero

29th June 2020


Hi pawb!

We are back in school! It may be just one day a week, so make sure you keep up with your home learning.

There are lots of great activities from White Rose Maths and a few interesting topic and Thrive activities. We had a go at the Disney characters challenge and had a good giggle with it! 


Please remember to keep reading and using Oxford Reading Buddy.


Keep active, engaged and healthy!


Take care and be safe!


Keep sending us your photographs of your lovely learning, we love going through them!








Topic / Thrive 

Day 1 – Olivers Vegetables 

  • Sorting into healthy and unhealthy food 

  • Border complex pattern 

“Sammy the Sloth goes Back to School” 

Please read this sweet story about Sammy the sloth facing his fears of returning to school. Discuss the story with your child and identify any of Sammy’s feelings. 

Write a letter 

Draw a picture or write a letter for someone you miss to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

Day 2 – Olivers Vegetables 

  • Addition memory games 

  • Counting vegetables 

  • Grouping 


Tricky words 

Review tricky words with your child. 


Choose some of the games we have already practiced (whack attack or bingo), there is also a new word search below. 



Soup Can Bowling 

Ethical Ewan would love to hear how you are using recycling materials: 

Dive into the recycling bin to find everything you need to make this Soup Can Bowling. You might find bottles instead of cans or kitchen/toilet roll tubes. Have fun decorating them with your favourite theme! 

Day 3 – Olivers Vegetables 

  • How many more? 

  • Guess Oliver’s rule 


Favourite walk - Speech bubble 

Go out for your favourite walk, i.e. to the garden, woods, field, by the river, to a relative’s house... take notice of trees, beach, buildings, people, cars, whatever catches your attention. 

When you return home decide what did you like about your walk and draw a picture. Can you remember how to draw a speech bubble? Or you can ask a grown up to help you. Draw a picture of yourself with a speech bubble saying what do you like. 

Build a slide 

Design a way to slide your favourite teddy down the stairs, off the bed or the back of sofa. 

How could you make it quicker? 

Day 4 – Olivers Vegetables 

  • Counting a labelling vegetables 

  • Make a list of numbered songs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th  



Have you got a scrabble game at home? Just provide your child with all the tiles and form a list of words, i.e. cat, dog, pan, jump, pen, rich, green, pink... 

*If you haven’t got a scrabble game or similar, you can always do your own tiles with small squares of paper/ card from recycled boxes. 

Challenge: tricky words 

Guess who  

Can you and your child name these Disney Pixar characters when they were babies? Click on the link. 


Go on parent/ carer, it’s super fun for you too! 

Day 5 – Olivers Vegetables 

  • Doubling 

  • Make your own milkshake 

  • Veggie measurement 

(measuring using a carrot!!!! Our favourite activity this week !😊) 


Jellyfish song 

Our song time starts with our ‘Jellyfish’ rock and roll song.  Click/copy the link. 

I bet you can’t keep your feet still while singing and learning. 

Pupil Voice 


Feeling inspired?  

It’s your time to choose your learning! 



Week 7 - School Challenge


This week it’s Receptions turn to create the school challenge.  Mrs Gwilt and Miss Esteban wanted to do something funny for all to enjoy, so this is Tell us a joke’ challenge!

You can write your joke down, sketch it, act it out or video record it. Send them to your teachers or ourselves and we will put them all together in a video that we hope will have everybody cracking up with laughter!


Here are some links to help you and inspire you.



Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:






Rec LG Home Learning Hero

Rec EE - Home Learning Hero

Good morning! We hope that you all remain safe and well. We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to school next week. Whilst school will look a little different, we are planning lots of lovely activities for you on your return. 
We have taken a photograph of what our classrooms will look like when you come back. Whilst they look a little different to what we’re used too, we have worked hard to make sure that they still look lovely! 
Reception LG


22nd June 2020

Bore da pawb!

We have prepared for you another week of fantastic and exciting home learning activities. 


Remember to keep reading  and use Oxford Reading Buddy.


We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  


We are very excited  to be getting ready for our return to our classes next week, but if you are staying at home, keep sending you photos and videos, or maybe you want to send a message to friends to share in class.  We will stay in touch!


You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:


WEEK 6 - School Challenge


Good Morning Prendergast School. 
Year 1 are taking on the whole school challenge this week and as it's National School Sports week we only have one option! Virtual Sports Day. Parents and children get your sports clothes on. Ready your game face and let the races begin. We have provided 5 events that could be done at home so feel free to use them or add your own (see video below). We adapted as we went along due to the lack of bean bags at the house. However, teddies made great replacements.
We cant wait to see your photos/video clips!
Good luck
Year 1 Teachers


Year 1 Whole School Challenge Video

Still image for this video




Day 1 – Zog

  • Create your own name and give it a name.
  • Spot the pattern and describe it.
  • Spot the odd one out.

Can you have a go at reading this rhyme?

Have a go at writing your own short rhyme.

Challenge – can you extend your poem using wow words?

Clothes Race

Can you look at the, ‘clothes at the seaside’ rhyme and organise a clothes obstacle race?

Day 2 – Zog

  • Adding stars.
  • Make your rosette.

Continue yesterday’s task as this could be a lengthy task.

Can you listen to some wave/ocean sounds (parents, google wave white noise and there are numerous links.)

Turn off the lights and lie or sit in a comfortable position.  Listen to the sounds and empty your minds.  Talk to an adult about how you feel.

Day 3 – Zog

  • Dragon subtraction.


Can you have a go at the RWI sounds?

Read them and then write them.

Challenge – have a go at the set 2/3 sounds.

Use the RWI section of the school website.

Salty Science

Fill two glasses with tap water. Add about 6 tablespoons of salt in one glass and stir it well with a spoon until the salt has completely dissolved in the water. Place one egg in each of the glasses and observe which one of the eggs float in the glass and which one sinks. Try also with lego bricks, dinosaurs...

Day 4 – Zog

  • 10 dragon school rules
  • Create a dragon dance
  • Find the secret Gruffalo

Listen to the story ‘Mr Seahorse’ with a grown up or older brother or sister.

Discuss how you are going to greet your friends when you meet them again. What are you going to ask or say?

How are you?

How good to see you again!

I miss you!

You are doing a fine job!

Start talking about social distancing with their friends when they return to school; smiling, air hugs, air high fives...


Follow instructions from the link to make this fantastic seahorse with shaving foam!

Day 5 – Zog

  • Create Flight plan
  • Making gingerbread NHS
  • Tell me about your dragon


Can you have a go at reading the RWI sounds and put the sounds into a word?

e.g. ‘ee’     ‘see’

Challenge – look at alternative sounds

e.g.  ‘ee’    ‘ea’

       ‘igh’    ‘ie’



15th June 2020

Bore da pawb!

Another week of super fun home learning activities together with our school challenge.

Keep sending us your pictures, through email or uploading on J2e, we love to see what are you up to!

We are looking forward seeing you very soon back in our school. 

In the time being, keep reading, use Oxford Reading Buddy, and remember to keep engaged, healthy and active using outdoors when possible.

We miss you!

Keep safe!

Week 5 - School Challenge


Bore da Reception! I hope you're ready for this week's challenge from Year 6...

Those of you who have been out walking during Lockdown, might have noticed painted stones, some of you might have even painted stones already - brightly coloured and each one different. In some places they have been lined up to make a snake. We'd like to make a Prendergast snake, of colourful, hand-painted stones, as a reminder of this time spent away from school. Your stone can be any shape or size (although you need to be able to carry it!).


You can paint it in any colour, any design, using paints or sharpies. You can make it about You or your time in Lockdown. It could be abstract and represent your feelings. We'd like you to be as creative as you can, and don't's all in the detail!


Once complete we'd like you to photograph your stone to send to us, and keep it safe, ready to add to our Prendergast Snake when you return to school.






Day 1 - Princess Mirror-Belle

  • 3D castle/house
  • patterns


Sing along – A sailor Went to Sea 


Frozen Toy Break-out

Choose a container, put some small toys in it, fill it with water and freeze it. Once they are frozen, ask your child how could they release them from the ice? Discus how water freezes. What else can you freeze?


Day 2 - Princess Mirror-Belle

  • Adding spots
  • Challenge – counting spots and adding




A sailor sailed in the salty sea.

The whale wept in the west wind.

The cute crab crawls in a crowd.

A delightful dolphin darts dangerously.

A flashy flying fish flew fast.


Can you read these sentences to your child and challenge them to recognise which sound repeats at the beginning of the each word.


Challenge: create your own sentences with alliteration.






We thought this is a very cool thing to do! Follow the instructions from the link to make a shark out of an envelope. Ethical Ewan would be delighted if you recycle a used envelope.


Day 3 - Princess Mirror-Belle

  • Ordering and matching instructions  for the cure
  • Making a list for a cure
  • Spot the kings and queens.


Ask an adult to share the story ‘Wacky Wednesday’ by Dr Seuss.

Adults, remember you can stop the video, find and discuss with your child the things that are wacky i.e. A shoe on the wall????


Challenge: Identifying rhyming words.


Driftwood & Shell Musical Instruments (Yarn Wrapped)

Follow the video link to make your very own rattle using sea shore materials.


Challenge: Can you sing a song while playing it?


Day 4 - Princess Mirror-Belle

  • Make a number track
  • Measuring – comparing
  • Ordering numbers
  • Pick a part of your body and count how toilet sheets you need to wrap it. 😊


Tricky words word search


Tricky words bingo



Rainbow Sculpture


Follow the instruction from the link to create a 3D rainbow.  If you haven’t got all of the colours, you can colour in pieces of paper. Display in your window.


Day 5- Princess Mirror-Belle

  • Doubles
  • Ordering shoes in size
  • Making a shoe shop
  • Full and empty – filling containers
  • Draw your own face in the mirror.


Ask an adult to share the story ‘Stick and Stone’ by Beth Ferry. Quite a funny pair!

Adults, discuss with your child who are their friends and the things they would like to do together. 

Can you draw a picture of Stick and Stone doing/playing something you would like to do with your friend?


Challenge: Write a sentence about what Stick and Stone are doing.


Pupil Voice


Feeling inspired? 

It’s your time to choose your learning!


You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:






Rec LG Home Learning Hero

Rec EE - Home Learning Hero

Week 4 - School Challenge


Miss Griffiths is setting the challenge this week! Your challenge this week is a one-off never to be repeated “Great British Isolation Bake Off” I challenge you to produce your very own showstopper bake!

This could be something like a fridge cake, cheesecake, rocky road, blancmange, flapjack or even a classic Victoria Sponge! It is your choice completely.


Post your showstopper bakes on your class page by Friday 12th if you would like to be included in the school video. You could add step by step photos and video tutorial or just a photo of the finished masterpiece.


I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Teachers included too! Good luck everyone- get baking! (Please remember to ask for an adults permission and help before attempting to bake or cook anything in the kitchen)


I cannot wait to see your bakes- I will share mine with you all in the week!


Miss Griffiths.



Monday 8th   June 2020

Bore da pawb!

This week's stories are 'The Crocodile who did't Like Water' and 'The Princess and the Wizard'

Remember to keep engaged, active and healthy!

Keep reading and using Oxford Reading Buddy.

We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  

We love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:





Day 1- The Princess and the Wizard

  • Days of the week
  • Matching
  • Design socks/party clothes


Whack Attack remains!

We’re having feedback that Whack Attack remains super popular so we’ve decided to stick with it!

Make sure that you change any red words that children are familiar with and add in new ones (head to Red, Write Inc section of website to find red word list.)

Head outside and make a happy face (because the crocodile was feeling happy at the end of our literacy story this week.)

Use twigs, leaves and lots of other different bits to make your face as happy as possible!

Day 2 - The Princess and the Wizard

  • List of 7 challenges
  • Counting book
  • Musical statues


Can you have a go at your sounds?

Challenge – try some of the set 3 sounds.

Adults – head to the RWI section of the website to get a list of all sounds.  All of the children have accessed set 1 and I hope that they remember some of the set 2 also)

The crocodile felt happy in the end of our literacy story because he remembered who he was and it made him feel special.  Think about a time when you felt special.  Talk about it with an adult or draw a picture.

Day 3 - The Princess and the Wizard

  • Hide and Seek Wizard
  • What’s the spell Mr Wizard?


Can you ask an adult or a big brother or sister to read you this story?

The Crocodile that didn’t like water

(Adults – listen or read the story but do not finish it.  Ask the children to predict the end of the story.  Encourage imaginative, reasons and varied vocabulary.

Challenge – can you add wow words?

Head outside and use chalk to draw around your child.  Inside it, write down all of the things that you love about them and the things that make them special and unique.

Day 4 - The Princess and the Wizard

  • Potion with 20 items
  • Halving


The Crocodile that didn’t like water

Can you re read the story.  Discuss with an adult all of the things that the crocodile tried to do to make him enjoy the water.

Can you write them down into a list?  Remember how we layout a list in our writing.

Challenge – can you write them into a sentence?

e.g. The crocodile tried swimming

All of the other crocodiles helped the dragon crocodile accept who he was because they loved him dearly.  Make something for someone who you love and present it to them.

Day 5 - The Princess and the Wizard

  • Closest
  • Symmetrical crown


The Crocodile that didn’t like water

Can you look at words in the book and tell an adult what sound the words begin with?  Write the sound down or even head outside and chalk it on the floor.  Choose lots of different words.

Challenge – can you identify the initial sound and then can you think about its capital letter?  (Adults - write a list of letters and next to them write corresponding uppercase letters for children to match up)





Free Choice Friday


Rec  EE – Home Learning Hero



Home Learning Hero  Rec LG


School Challenge - Week 3

Hello everybody - hope you have had a lovely half term and have been enjoying the beautiful weather :)

Year 4 are setting the challenge this week, following our little break, for everybody to take part in, and this week we would like you to create a self portrait of yourself. There is no set success criteria for this. We would like you to do it in the format you wish. You could use paints, pastels, pencils, pens, whatever you wish. You could keep it low key or use lots of colour. You could make it very realistic or embellish it. It is your choice!

We have attached some images for inspiration and a video tutorial for drawing a pencil portrait if this is something you would like to try. Remember - in Art there is no right or wrong, just expression. Be creative and just do your best! And most of all, have fun doing it! :)

Also like real artists, we would like you to scribble a signature beside your finished portrait. For some of you this might be the first time you have even thought what your signature may look like. Adults use them all the time. And each adult has their very own style. This may be the perfect opportunity to practice yours. Traditionally, it is your first initial of your first name followed by your surname, but written in a unique way. But all signatures vary - check out the celebrity signature images attached - Do you know who they belong to? Are you inspired by them? Who knows, putting your signature onto your own portrait might make it worth millions one day :D

We are really looking forward to your entries. Please post them to your class stream page by Friday evening (June 5th) if you would like your entry to be included in the school video. Teachers - we are also looking to you for inspiration - get sharing, diolch :)



Monday 1st  June 2020

Bore da pawb!

After a very sunny restful week, we are ready for home learning again. This week's story is 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson and we have suggested learning activities based on the book. 

Remember to keep engaged, active and healthy!

Keep reading and using Oxford Reading Buddy.

We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  





Day 1-The snail and the whale

  • Spiral patterns
  • Making a spiral dangler
  • Making spiral snacks - subtraction

A book Review

Ask one of the adults to read a book with you, or maybe you want to choose one from Oxford Reading Buddy and read yourself!

Write 2/3 sentences telling us your opinion i.e.

I like it because…

I didn’t like it when…

My favourite part was….


What about making a hotel for snails!Don’t forget a swimming pool/pond! Go outdoors and find natural resources and the perfect location.

Ethical Ewan would be super happy if you use some recycled materials.


Day 2- The Snail and the Whale

  • Cotton bud spirals
  • Adding snails, whales, sharks…
  • Writing math stories

Spiral Poem


Think of things that go round and round, then change the words in the poem for yours. Make it fun! Make it longer!


Spirals on a shell

Spirals in a spring

Spirals on a snake

Going round and round

with a never end.

Thrive - Feelings Map

Create a feelings map for your house. Draw a map with all the rooms in your house on and colour it in. Think about how that room makes you feel. You could put sleepy for your bedroom and safe and snuggly in the lounge.


Day 3- The Snail and the Whale

  • A numbered list of dangers/problems
  • Talking about the snails’ adventures


Let’s Talk about

Talk to your child about keeping safe in the sun and around water.


Thrive - Be a sea animal

Take turns with your child to imagine you are a sea animal. Move around the room or in the paddling pool imitating the animal’s movements and the sound it makes.


Day 4- The Snail and the Whale

  • Odd and even numbers – sharing
  • Counting

Safe in the sun

Draw pictures of all the things to help you keeping safe from the sun.

Can you label them?

Glasses, hat, shade, water, sun cream

Thrive – Create a shared art piece

On a giant piece of paper (it could be a big strip of old wallpaper), work on some shared art. Everybody choose a section and start creating some art-whatever you would like to do. After 5 minutes, everybody moves round and adds to another part of the paper. This could also be done to your favourite song!


Day 5-  The Snail and the Whale

  • Higher/ Lower
  • Singing the song
  • Silvery snail trail

Whack attack

Due to the popular success with this activity, we thought it would be  a good idea to have another go at it with some tricky Red Words.

Write the red words on pieces of paper and whack then with a wooden spoon when the adult/brother/sister/carer calls then out for you.


what, when, where, who, they, we,  and some.

Pupil Voice


Your choice!




And so we come to the end of the half term.....and what a different one it has been!  We cannot express how proud we are of our children and wonderful families who have worked so hard in order to allow the home learning system to work.  The learning experiences that are taking place is outstanding and we love to see all of the activities that are going on.


Due to the hard work that has been taking place there will be no weekly planning uploaded onto the website for next week (wc 25.05.20) We would like you all to enjoy your half term break and have a good rest.  

We look forward to welcoming you back to the home learning fun the week beginning 01.06.20.

Stay safe and happy half term!

Home Learning Hero RecLG

Rec EE - Home Learning Hero


School Challenge - Week 2

Task: Your challenge this week is to create a piece of art using natural materials.
It can be a large or a small creation, you can work independently or with your siblings/adults. Please see the attached pictures for some inspiration! You could use items such as twigs, leaves, grass, pebbles, daisies, dandelions, buttercups and other natural materials you may find in the great outdoors.

Many of us have been spending more time outdoors and around nature during the lockdown, it can have positive benefits for our well-being and make us feel more connected with the natural world around us. This challenge has been inspired by a British artist named Andy Goldsworthy, he creates temporary art by working with nature. Many of his creations are made solely by using his bare hands! His art is often temporary, so photography plays a key role in his artwork – capturing the art before it decays and falls apart or floats away (please see attached PowerPoint for more information).

*If you intend to use some flowers, please be mindful of your impact on the environment - save some for the bees! Please note that it is against the law to pick Bluebells, do not pick them to include in your art.*

If you would like your art to be included in the video, please post it on your Google Classroom page by 3pm on Friday 22nd of May - we look forward to seeing your efforts!


Rec EE - Home Learning Hero

Home Learning Hero



wc 18.05.20

Bore da pawb.

Another week has gone by and we are very proud of all of the home learning that is taking place.  We love to see as much of your learning as possible so keep on uploading your tasks onto Hwb where we can send you a message once we have looked through your work.  

Remember to keep active and busy but also try to have some quiet time - enjoying the time with your family.  We have created some more learning tasks for this week for you enjoy below.  If you need us, as always, we are here!

P.S. We are going to be choosing a Home Learning Hero for someone who has shown a good attitude to their home learning.  Keep your eyes peeled on this page for a shiny certificate coming someone's way!




Can you play Whack Attack?


(Parents/Carers, write some red words, see recent planning or website for comprehensive list on paper or chalk them on ground.  Call out a word and ask children to ‘whack’ correct word using a wooden spoon or utensil.  Alternatively, you could ask them to squirt correct word with water soaker.)

Challenge – include some new red words – some/come/said/they

White Rose Maths

Summer Term- Week 5 (w/b 18th May)

Day 1 – Superworm

  • Symmetrical worm patterns
  • Continue minibeast patterns

Read the book, ‘Rainbow Fish.’  There is a copy online if you do not have physical book. 

Can you find lots of shiny things to create your very own rainbow fish?

Upload your images to J2E so that we can see them.

(Parents/Carers, discuss with the children the difference between shiny and dull materials.  Provide example of both to discuss differences.)

Can you read your favourite story to an adult or an older sibling?

(Parents, don’t worry if they appear to be making up the story.  That is the aim – for them to engage imaginatively and creatively.)

Challenge – can you change some parts of the story?


White Rose Maths

Summer Term- Week 5 (w/b 18th May)

Day 2 – Superworm

  • Worm number lines
  • Counting backwards


Re-read Rainbow Fish.  Google a playdough recipe to create your own playdough to create a 3d version of Rainbow Fish and his friends. 

Investigate how you can make your playdough shiny.

Can you write a postcard to your teachers explaining them what you have been doing in lockdown?

(Parents/Carers, explain what a postcard is and show them if you have one at home  - or google!  Discuss layout and meaning)

Send them to us so that we can read them!


White Rose Maths

Summer Term- Week 5 (w/b 18th May)

Day 3 – Superworm

  • Counting super moves in a minute
  • Worm Rain Dance



The Rainbow Fish had some good friends in the story.  Can you discuss with an adult what it means to be a good friend.  Create your own friendship chain and draw and write your friends names in it. 

(Parents/Carers, google friendship chain for lots of template ideas.)

Continue above activity.  This is a lengthy and tricky task so allow plenty of time. 

White Rose Maths

Summer Term- Week 5 (w/b 18th May)

Day 4 – Superworm

  • Making labels for minibeast shop.
  • Maths stories
  • Using money

Can you become just like Healthy Harri and make your own under the sea dance? 

Think about how different sea animals move and put different movements together to create a dance.

Can you play i-spy to make a list of everything you can see?  Make sure you use Fred Fingers when writing your words.

(Parents/Carers, you can adjust the level of challenge here by recognising and writing initial sound to writing cvc words.)

Challenge – can you put the words into a sentence?

White Rose Maths

Summer Term- Week 5 (w/b 18th May)

Day 5 – Superworm

  • Ordering worms – length
  • Worm Race



We love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:




School Challenge – Week 1

(During lockdown, it is important to keep as active as possible while having fun. This can help look after your health and well-being. To help everyone stay active, while learning and being creative, we have decided to set a weekly challenge for all students, parents/ carers and staff to enjoy).

* Task: To make a bird feeder for your garden or an outdoor space near you.

During this time, many of us are using our gardens or outside space to enjoy nature and be outdoors, to learn, and to improve our well-being.
Wildlife experts are seeing some hidden benefits of lockdown for animals and wildlife. The RSPB has reported a rise in sightings of birds and wildlife in gardens since the lockdown. While animals are getting some peace, with lots of people walking instead of driving, this means that animals that are usually shy and sensitive, might now be easier to spot as they come out of hiding. It also means that people are reconnecting with nature, which can be good for our mental health and can help improve our mood during these uncertain times.

Therefore, we would like you to make a bird feeder using recycled materials.

There are websites attached below to a variety of WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) bird feeders for any inspiration.
Please post any photographs of your bird feeders to us!

We look forward to seeing your creations!



Bore da pawb!

We hope that you and your families are all safe and well.  Here is this weeks tasks to keep you busy.  We hope you enjoy them.  Remember to log into Hwb and upload your work - we love to see what you've up to.  

Try and keep active by completing Joe's workout, going on a bike ride or a sunny walk - Healthy Harri says that a healthy body makes a healthy mind.  Continue with all of your hard work on Oxford Reading Buddy too, you're doing so well.

New learning packs are ready for  you to collect in the school foyer.  If you are unable to collect then let us know and we can get them posted out to you, if you wish.

If you need us for anything, we are here.  You can ring into school and leave a message for us to call you back or you can email us (email addresses listed on this page.)   

Miss you. x


We love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:






White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 4 – w/c 11th May

Day 1 – The very busy spider

  • Days of the week
  • Draw your own web
  • Counting flies



Read the book, Kippers Rainy Day.

If you do not have a physical copy head onto youtube where you can listen to the audiobook. 

Talk about your favourite parts of the story and the parts that you didn’t enjoy with an adult. 

Challenge – explain your reasons why you liked/didn’t like those parts of the story.

Thrive (activities to support mental well-being)

 The Hairdressers

Create your own hair salon and do each other’s hair!

Grab the hair gel and accessories. I wander what wacky creations you can do!

Let’s not forget about washing/shampooing hair too, best hair styling moments!


White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 4 - w/c 11th May

Day 2 – The very busy spider

  • Problem solving – taking away
  • Writing maths stories
  • Counting to 20 – doing exercises


Talk about the story, Kipper’s Rainy Day.

Think about all of the things that you have been doing during the rainy days we have had during lockdown (we haven’t had many rainy days thankfully!) Talk about these things with an adult and then write them down in a list

(Remember how we write a list!)

Challenge - use red words I your writing and extend your sentences. 

Can you research some water creatures? Look at some pictures creatures that you may find under the sea or in water e.g

Water spiders, octopuses, jellyfish etc

What is the same?

What is different?

Can you create a picture of some of these ‘water’ animals? You could use some natural materials or paint a picture.

White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 4 - w/c 11th May

Day 3 – The very busy spider

  • Draw a spider game
  • Incy Wincy Spider number bonds song


Kipper enjoys playing with his friends on a rainy day. 

Can you think about playing with your friends?  Draw a picture of you doing something nice with your friends and write a sentence explaining what you are doing.

Challenge – Write 3 sentences remembering capital letters, fred fingers and red words.

Can you investigate how water travels?  Can you make a trail for water to travel?  Try using different object and different heights……what do you notice?




White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 4 - w/c 11th May

Day 4 – The very busy spider

  • Doubles
  • Finger paint spiders
  • Halving/sharing – 2 equal groups


Can you log onto Oxford Reading Buddy and choose a book to read with an adult.

Try the quiz and see if you can get 100%.  Remember that you may have to read the book more than once and you will need to listen carefully to get the answers right. 

Lots of people are painting rainbows during the Coronavirus as a sign to say thank you to our keyworkers.  Can you  make a walking rainbow and investigate how water travels? 

White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 4 - w/c 11th May

Day 5 – The very busy spider

  • Positional language
  • Get moving like a spider!


Go onto our school website and find the Read, Write Ink page.

(Click on the Learning tab, Learning to Read)

Practice recognising and saying the set 1 sounds.  You can write them on paper or even chalk them outside.

Challenge – try recognising the set 2 sounds. 



4th May 2020

Hi everyone!

We have a super pirate week ahead of us, we hope you enjoy it!

This week's activities are full of adventures and challenges, we hope to receive lots of pictures from you with your work.

A big thank you for sending us emails and files on J2e with your work and adventures.


Keep using Oxford Reading Buddy and doing the quizzes, we love when you get 100%! Its our best reading tool.


We miss you!


Take care, be safe and keep trying the best that you can be!


A special Happy Birthday to Todd, from last week. Thank you for sending us your photos with your fabulous birthday cake. There will be time to celebrate together soon!






Numeracy tasks



Literacy tasks


Themed tasks



(Click on the link and scroll down, go to Summer Term – Week 2)


Day 1 - Night Pirates

  • Practice the days of the week
  • Make a telescope and decorate it using patterns.










Monday memories


Write a list of all your favourite things/people   you are missing.



Thrive - Monday Memories


Create a memory box or bag of all your favourite things/people you are missing. For example, collect objects, photos, anything that reminds you and save them.

Decorate it however feels good for you, using your creativity.

(Use a cereal/food/detergent box or a bag for life turned inside out – remember to reuse and recycle! Ethical Ewan)



(Click on the link and scroll down, go to Summer Term – Week 2)



Day 2 - Night Pirates

  • Make a list of ten objects and number then 1 to 10.
  • Sort objects into groups, - float and sink – count how many in each group.


  • If you are feeling confident, make your list with 20 objects!



Let’s talk!


Let’s talk about our predictions.

(Use some of these sentences to model the language)


I think the wooden spoon will float.


I predict the boat will sink.


In my opinion the car will sink because it is heavy.


I predict the fork will sink because it is made out of metal.



Floating and Sinking challenge


You have experimented already with lots of things to see if the float or sink…

But have you found something that stays in the middle? It’s not floating at the top and it’s not sinking to the bottom?

I wonder if you can find something…



(Click on the link and scroll down, go to Summer Term – Week 2)



Day 3 - Night Pirates

  • Practice the days of the week.
  • Treasure hunt remembering to use in, out, left, right, on top, under, besides, behind… It might be easier doing it orally!
  • Treasure map - X marks the spot!




I Spy


I spy with my little eye something beginning with (say the sound, not the letter name!) …


Sometimes it is easier to start with a few objects in front of you, a whole room can be overwhelming…





Thrive - Let’s Get Moving


Create an obstacle course based on your treasure hunt: 

Include balancing the plant, crawling through caves, lifting your knees going through the swamp, jumping from rock to rock, climbing up the tree, catching coconuts as the fall from tree (catching a ball J )…

It’s all about being active using the outdoor space when possible.



(Click on the link and scroll down, go to Summer Term – Week 2)



Day 4 - Night Pirates

  • Making a ship to carry 5 of your treasures.
  • Making a flag.


  • Challenge: Make your flag symmetrical.



Let’s be creative


Think of 3 original names for your ship and write them down.


Here are some examples:

Sea Siren Ship

The Wind Breaker

The Rolling Wave 

The Optimus Sail 

The Rainbow Reef 


Have a go yourself!


  • If your creativity is flowing, write 5 ship names.



Let’s be creative


Draw a picture of your boat sailing the seas and write your chosen name for it.


(Click on the link and scroll down, go to Summer Term – Week 2)



Day 5 - Night Pirates

  • Trash or Treasure Pirate maths counting.
  • Sea Shanties Shape Hunt.



Let’s Listen


Click on the link to listen to Old Jack’s Boat on CBeebies Radio


A Song for the Sea King




Pirate Themed Night


Your own interpretation- 


Spend some time reading pirate books, plenty on YouTube.


Watch a pirate film/cartoon.


Dress up as a pirate. Make some props -  a hat and an eyepatch.


A pirate role play, using your treasure map.




It is ok to miss the people you love and can’t see. Memory boxes can help with those big feelings and help us feel connected even though we can’t be with them.


Physical activity supports children by allowing thinking skills to develop.



Remember we love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:




Good morning!  We hope that you've had a lovely weekend.

Our new topic for the summer term is, 'The Big Splash.'  We hope to learn about the seaside and investigate water.  What would you like to learn about?  Maybe you could email your ideas to your teachers.

Here are the suggested tasks for this week.  Don't worry it you cannot access them all, just try to enjoy the time together and always remember to be the best that you can be.

Parents/Carers, all tasks can be completed in the exercise books provided or you can log onto Hwb and upload your work or a picture on there (there is a video on the home learning page to remind you how this is done.)  Any problems then please don't hesitate to send us an email - we would love to hear form you.  




Think about the red words that we have learnt in school-

the, I, to, you, my, is.

Can you find an outside space to chalk on them on the floor?

Challenge – can you learn these new red words? -

Some and come.

Can you make your own clock using paper plates and a split pin or can you chalk a clock outside?

Challenge – ask an adult to call out some o’clock times for you to make on your new clock.

Can you look out of your window and discuss the weather with an adult?  Can you make a weather diary for the day?

Can you log onto Oxford Reading Buddy and read a book? Don’t read to the end of the story and try and guess what it going to happen next!  Explain your ideas to an adult.

Challenge – can you explain why you think the story will end that way?

Can you make a symmetrical picture using natural materiasl?


Challenge – can you purple polish your image and add some more detail?

Can you investigate water?  Set up a bowl of water and find items that will float and sink.  Make sure you make your predictions first!

Can you draw a picture about your favourite lockdown day and write a sentence explaining what you are doing?

Challenge – can you use some red words in your sentence?

Can you ask an adult to write down some addition maths stories to 10 for you to complete?  Remember to use some items to help you.

Challenge – can you complete some maths stories to 20?

Uh – oh, the sun is hiding and the rain has arrived.  Can you grab your wellies and raincoat and head outside for a rainy walk.  Maybe find some puddles to splash in!

Can you use the i-spy sheet to make a list of everything you can see?


Challenge – can you put the words into a sentence?

Can you ask an adult to write down some subtraction maths stories to 10 for you to complete?  Remember to use some items to help you.

Challenge – can you complete some maths stories to 20?

Can you think about the sea and make a model of the sea side or something you find in the sea side using materials in your house?

Remember that Ethical Ewan loves us to recycle our junk.



Can you sit down with an adult and talk about your favourite toy for 3 minutes?

Challenge – can you use interesting words?

Can you remember your number bonds to 10?  Go outside and use objects to show them to your adult.

Challenge – using your number bonds to 10, can you write down number bonds to 20?




Hello again!

The sun is still shining and we want to enjoy it while we carry on learning.

Remember to stay safe and stay at home. 

Be good and keep trying the best that you can be!



Suggested activities for the week : 20th April 2020


Make a den

  • Look for sticks and branches.
  • Old sheets and blankets.
  • hunt for interesting things to put in your den
  • Role play/games to play in your den.



  • Share the preparation for a simple meal.
  • Peel and chop fruit and vegetables.
  • Make a sandwich with a choice of fillings.
  • Experiment with different flavours and textures.



  • Sow some seeds
  • Do some weeding or today your outdoor space.
  • Water your house plants.


Junk modelling

  • Use your saved recycled rubbish to explore, create and experiment.
  • Use glue, sticky tape, string, paint, anything you like and let your imagination go wild!
  • Use "Junk Materials Challenge Cards' from link, for creative inspiration.


Let's get moving

  • Take part in The Body Coach's daily PE lesson on Youtube.
  • Create an obstacle course from items around the house, that includes balancing, crawling, stretching, throwing and catching.
  • Do physical activities in an outdoor space: biking, walking, running, jumping and skipping.





  • Remember to read/share at least one book every day.
  • Read a book from Oxford reading Buddy and have a go at the quiz.



Top Tips:

  • Allow children to play freely while you follow their lead, keep them safe and enjoy the experience alongside them.
  • Encourage your child to be as adventurous and creative as possible, perhaps by role modelling the active yourself first.
  • Physical activity supports children by allowing thinking and skills to develop.


Remember we love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:

       Miss Esteban :

       Mrs Gwilt:




Hello everybody   smiley

Here is a selection of home learning tasks for you to complete, if you wish.  We have included 5 numeracy and literacy based tasks and 5 topic based tasks.  You can choose to do one numeracy, literacy and topic each day - or organize it as you wish.

Work can be recorded in the work books that were provided for you or you can have a go at uploading it onto J2E.

If you have any questions, then please email myself, Mrs Gwilt or Mrs Esteban.



Week beginning - 13.04.20

Numeracy Based Tasks


Literacy Based Tasks


Topic Based Tasks

Can you practice counting to 10 – forwards and backwards!

Challenge - write your numbers down and make sure you’ve got them all the right way around.

Can you log onto Oxford Reading Buddy and read a book?

Challenge – talk about your favourite part of the story and explain why you like it.

Can you look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy on a computer or an ipad

and make a picture using natural materials?

Useful website for parents/carers -


Can you count in 2’s and 10’s.

Challenge – count in 5’s.

Write your numbers down and make sure you’ve got them all the right way around.

Can you log onto Oxford Reading Buddy, read a book and complete an online quiz?

Challenge – can you score 100% in the quiz?

Can you try and make a 3D sculpture using the natural materials?

Can you go on a shape walk?  How many shapes can you find in your house.

Look for circles, squares and rectangles.

Challenge – go on a 3D shape walk to find some ‘fat’ shapes.

Can you log onto the school website and practice your set 1 sounds?

Challenge – look at set 2 and try and read them.

Can you spend 30 minutes on a practical activity like a

Joe Wicks workout/walking/scooting etc?

Can you find some money in your house – 1p, 2p, 5p and 5p.

Challenge – put them in order

Can you practice writing red words?

Challenge – write a sentence using some red words.

Can you draw/paint/chalk a picture of a rainbow to say thank you to all of the Key Workers?


Can you make up some addition maths stories using the money?

Challenge – write them down!

Can you go on a word hunt and find some letters or words outside?

Challenge – put those words into a sentence?


Reception Home Learning


We love hearing from you! Most of you have received the Easter Learning Packs already and the rainbow collage seems to be the most popular activity. This is what you have shared with us:


  • George B is writing letters to family members.
  • Dodge has created an amazing vegetable patch in his garden.
  • Sofia has been learning about pirates and has made a bug hotel.
  • Isabelle D is enjoying learning about volcanoes and skeletons.
  • Sydney enjoyed making his rainbow.
  • Vinnie enjoys walking with his family around the forest.
  • Leon plays with his brother snakes and ladders from the Learning Pack.
  • Spencer is completing Carol Vorderman maths challenges!!!!smiley
  • Alfie is practising his numbers with Numberblocks. 
  • Mia, after doing her rainbow and displaying on her window, now she is making rainbows for her neighbours. smiley
  • Chase has been planting potatoes in his garden.


If you would like to complete Carol Vorderman's challenges:


If you would like to practice your numbers:


Remember we love hearing from you!

You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:




Reception Home Learning

It's been great to talk to some of you this week! The learning going on at home is amazing, well done to all the mums, dads and grandparents! We would like to share some of the things that you are doing at home and please keep telling us about them:


  • Lola D is doing a book review after reading The Ugly Duckling.
  • George has created a dinosaur shop at home, he has even made his own money!
  • Bing has made banana loaf and also we heard all about the pirate themed evening...
  • Lola M listens to David Walliams stories everyday at 11am.
  • Darcie is planting and caring for tomato and pumpkin seeds, quite a gardener!
  • Archie, Beth, Darcie and Henry are becoming reading champions with Oxford Reading Buddies.
  • Bella is learning about pyramids.
  • Ellie has made brownies with mum.
  • Paige is using video conferences to talk to Lola M.
  • Todd enjoys exercising with Joe Wicks every morning.


If you would like to start the day exercising with Joe Wicks


If you would like to listen to David Walliams stories


You can email us your pictures, work, videos, photos or just questions on:




Try to find as many words with the same ending as you can.


This week you could try practising your counting:  1 to 20 and back, in 2's to 20, 5's to 50 and 10's to 100.

Here are some familiar songs to help you:

Good morning to all of our lovely children and their amazing parents 👋 We hope that you are all showing your mums/dads/carers just how clever you are! Here are some new learning tasks for you to have a go at, if you wanted to. You can either complete these on Hwb or use the exercise book provided. 
We are thinking about you all everyday and we can’t wait to see you soon! 

Mrs Gwilt, Mrs Esteban, Mrs Griffiths, Miss Morgans, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Francis xx


* Have a go at writing a diary (like the diary we wrote last week for Samuels Peyps.) Make sure you include what you’ve been doing that day. Remember your red words, phonics and fingers spaces.

* Ask your mum/dad/Carer to write some maths stories for you. Use items around your house to help you find the answers.

* Complete some physical activity-maybe ride your bike or scooter or go for a run.

Find below various links to support home-learning.