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YEAR 3 topics


We have really enjoyed this topic so far. We have been looking at local food and had a great visit to the farmers market. We came back and wrote some lovely poems using alliteration about all the amazing things we saw. We also wrote letters to local farmers who provide produce for Puffin Produce. 

We then started looking at food from around the world and the distance it travels. We had great fun finding out about the journey our food makes and did some big maths working out how far they had to go to make it to us.


Some of our work so far....


We have been learning about Diwali- the Hindu festival of light.

We have been making mango lassi and sequencing the story of Rama and Sita.

In our independent time we have been set 4 missions. We have a whole afternoon to complete our missions using our independent learning skills. We have to manage our time and think about the mission carefully.

This fortnights missions are- 

1. Creative area - follow a recipe to make salt dough and then creative a Diva Lamp.

2. Numeracy area- create a symmetrical Rangoli Pattern.

3. Thinking area- research and present information about India.

4. Literacy area - create an acrostic poem about Divali.

Mission Time