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Year 6

On Thursday 16th May, Year 6 hosted an Art Exhibition.  Using skills they have developed over the past few weeks, each child created their own work of art.  They wrote letters to their parents, inviting them to a viewing and informing them that the artwork was for sale, as we were raising money for the VC Gallery.  


Our very own Gallery ‘Oriel’ was created amid much excitement and pride.


In order to provide refreshments, our new Cafe was open for business.  Children were trained in table service and worked hard all afternoon, serving customers, making drinks and clearing tables. 


The afternoon was truly magical. 


Many thanks to all attended... we raised a terrific amount of money, every penny of which went to the incredible VC Gallery.   In total we raised an astonishing £330 !  

On Wednesday 15th May, Year 6 visited Newgale for a beach clean. Wearing high-visibility jackets and gloves, and armed with grabbers and bin bags, the children picked their way over stones, picking up any litter or rubbish they could find.  From shoes to fishing nets, we picked it all up.  

Newgale Beach Clean

Rock balancing

21st March - A visit from the VC Gallery!

Big Bang Pembrokeshire

On Wednesday 21st of November twenty-eight lucky Year 6s went to the Bridge Innovation Centre in Pembroke Dock for a day of scientific fun!  What a fantastic time we had!  The Big Bang certainly lived up to its name...from exploding tubs to banging balloons.  

We used universal indicator to discover whether things were acid or alkaline; we saw bubbles filled with ‘dry ice’ and felt how cold they were; we entered the world of Outer Space, by crawling into a planetarium; we harnessed solar power to run the cars we made; and finally we were active participants in a terric show all about bubbles and balloons!

Everyone learned something! It was an amazing day. 

Crucial Crew

On Monday 12th November Year 6 headed off to Withybush to take part in Crucial Crew.  


We learned lots of interesting ways to look after ourselves.  There were nine activities:  we did CPR with paramedics; road safety; food hygiene; cyber safety with the Police; bus safety; fire safety with the Fire Service; how to stay safe of our beaches with the RNLI; how to stay safe around electricity; and we learned about Childline and how it can help us. 


The afternoon was really good fun - the food hygiene talk made us laugh, and crawling through a (disco) smoke filled tent was fun!

A brilliant beginning to an exciting year! 

Year 6 are off to a flying start!  They’ve settled in brilliantly following a range of mindful and team building activities and tasks.

Stories have been written, maths challenges completed and we’re all looking forward to building upon existing knowledge.

Target cards are now complete and show individual next steps; we hope everyone will spend time practicing multiplication tables. 

We’ve already had sessions at the Leisure Centre, with swimming, yoga, multi sports, circuit training and spinning being enjoyed. 

Outdoor learning has got off to a flying start too, with children tying themselves up in knots-quite literally!  

With Year 6 comes responsibility: we heard some super speeches as the children gave their best to be voted onto the School Council, Criw Cymraeg, or to become an Eco-warrior!  Results will be announced shortly! 

Applications are also being invited for Head Boy and Head Girl!  Good luck to those who have given their best to gain a position. 

Our topic this term is Frozen Kingdom and we are chomping at the bit to be immersed in our learning. 

A fabulous start to the year! 

Transition work

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Year 6 have worked hard on a project around Global Sustainability Goals, using the charitable organisation Pumpkins Against Poverty as a starting point.

Outdoor Maths on Damp Dydd Iau!

Year 6 have been using Lowry painting as inspiration for their creative work

Alfie's Amazing homework!! This is certainly worth sharing with everyone. Well done Alfie! (And Mum and Dad!!)

School Awards 2016/17

End of Year Memories

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We hope you all listened carefully to our words today-you're special children who are ready for your next steps in High School. Take our School Values with you and don't forget to 'Believe and Achieve'. Blwyddyn Bendigedig-diolch!

Year 6 Leavers 'Beach Day'

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To finish the the year with a BIG smile, Year 6 have completed the John Muir project by spending a day at the Bosherston Lilly Ponds and Broadhaven South Beach.

6C Beach Day

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6C finally made it to beautiful Bosherston! A wonderfully mad video, thank you lovely people for an excellent year together.

John Muir Beach Day

Proud house captains! Beautiful sunshine and a fantastic Sports Day! Da iawn pawb!

With help from the lovely people from TYF the children had to build a raft from barrels and logs...what could go wrong?

We have loads of photographs from Celtic Camping! Here are the first batch from the Bug Farm Experience

Tuesday 16th May 2017

To start the new theme 'Gallery Rebels' Year 6 visited the local 'VC Art Gallery' in town.  Take a look at the photos to see some of our favourite pieces of Art.  We also played a game with a dice to create our own 'Picasso-style' face! Thank you so much to Barry and the other artists at the brilliant VC Gallery.

Gallery Rebels

Celtic Camping

Easter Card and eggs from our friends in Wythybush CCU/Ward 8. Diolch!

Extracting DNA from strawberries! šŸ“

Darwin's Delights


We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. 


We'll stop at the magical Galápagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution.

Ready to trace the origin of species? Let’s set sail!

Memorable Experience-Logan's Mum visited with a chameleon, bearded dragons, corn snakes and a boa constrictor!

Watch the Beared Dragons dance!

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These are two male bearded dragons. They are not friends. Can you see their necks changing to a black colour to show anger and scare their enemy!

Labelling photos using 'Skitch'

Safer Internet Day. Can you read the 'Emoji' message?

6B Mannequin Challenge December 2016

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After a hectic week of performing in the school's Christmas Show, Year 6 have stepped up to the 'Mannequin Challenge'!

Children in Need 2016

6C Mannequin Challenge December 2016

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Mwynhewch! (Enjoy!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas Show 2016

Y6 partner teaching Y1

Crucial Crew - Child Line Telephone Number

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As part of Crucial Crew, Y6 pupils learnt actions to help remember the Childline telephone number-0800111111.

Crucial Crew (01.11.16) Safety Awareness




End of Term Treat

Shwmae Day! (21.10.16)

Congratulations to our gymnastics champion Jasmine! Gwaith da!!

Y6 Composing Music

I'm not sure Mr Clarke enjoyed the compositions!

Arctic Survival

Year 6 had a brilliant visit today (07.10.16) from Mr Clayton. He has been to the Arctic loads of times and taught us how to survive in the Arctic wilderness. We learned about wind chill, frostbite and bothies (special tents that explorers use!). Mr Clayton brought in some of his special equipment and showed us his goggles, his portable shelters and some of his tools. Year 6 think Mr Clayton is better than Bear Grylls! Thank you Mr Clayton.

Mr Clayton showing Arctic Survival kit

An emergency blanket and Arctic goggles

Inuit Art

I found Inuit art very interesting because most artists paint/draw what they see, but Inuit art was different. It was very imaginative and paranormal, it reminded me a bit of illusions because the colours really stood out. Inuit was all about elongating feathers, wings e.t.c symmetry and using colours that really stood out. I hope we do something like this again! AH Year 6

Inuit Art

Golden Activity-Drawing Arctic and Antarctic images

Measuring the temperature of icy water

Year Six voting

End of Year Awards 2016

Catrin and Niall visited the University of South Wales with STP's Robotics Club

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This is their dancing robot!

Year 6 earned a day with Joel from Upbeat Wales! They learned how to play Taiko drums and sang some African songs. We are performing at the opening of our school fair today!

Welcome to Year 6!

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