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Year 5

A Big Welcome to Year 5!

It has already been a busy start to the year, and normal (well, nearly normal) service resumes after months away from whole class learning. We welcome everybody back and have already been impressed with the attitude and manner in which last year's Year 4 pupils are prepared for the challenge and vigour of this year's work, responsibilities and learning opportunities.


Class Elections 

This year's class elections took place on Friday 11th September and although there was little time to prepare for the candidates, there were some brilliant speeches all round, which included great enthusiasm and determination. The results for both year classes were as follows:


Class Position / Responsibility Pupil
5L Class Councillor Elen H
5L Vice Councillor Nicole C
5L Eco Warrior Riley D
5L  Criw Cymraeg Iwan D
5G Class Councillor Eliza M


Vice Councillor Lexi H-S
5G Eco Warrior James J
5G Criw Cymraeg Frankie B


Congratulations to all the above for securing your roles - we look forward to seeing what ideas you bring and contributions you make this forthcoming year to support school improvement. 


Our Wonderful World!

Our first topic this year is a whole school topic that, amongst all the negativity and bad news, will hopefully bring us all together and celebrate all the wonderful things this planet has to offer. 


As a topic, we can use it to reflect but also give opportunities for pupils to plan for the future and consider what changes we could make both locally and globally to improve the habitat in which we live.


Our first 'pit stop' is to study the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. We spent time this week discussing some amazing facts about them and then plotting the sites on a world map. Can your parents name them? Why not test their geographical knowledge?


Apple Crumble Making - Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to collect apples from the trees at the back of the school and make an apple crumble mixture to take home to bake - Prendergast's own!

Harvest Assembly - Scarecrow Poems - Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to build their very own scarecrows which they thoroughly enjoyed and all created poems about the important role they play.

End of Half Term Treat - making chocolate rice crispy cakes!

Shwmae Day 2020 - Thursday 15th October


Shwmae Day is a day celebrated to promote and explore Wales' language, history and culture. As well as dressing up in the Welsh colours of red, white and green, Year 5 spend the day exceeding in using their incidental Welsh - tokens were handed out for pupils who used every opportunity to speak and show their efforts in using our language. We also had an outdoor PE lesson completely through the medium of Welsh - playing Welsh games like 'Beth yw amser, Mr Blaidd?' (What's the time Mr Wolf?) and 'Yr Gem Ffa' (The Bean Game).



In the afternoon, our lessons returned to the medium of English but we spent time learning about a very important and infamous date in the Welsh history calendar. It linked to our learning in many ways. It was both topical, because it linked to our natural disasters topic as part of 'Our Wonderful World' theme, and cultural as part of Shwmae Day. 



Today marked 54 years since the Aberfan Disaster. A day in which a landslide crashed down onto a small primary school in the heart of Wales, tragically killing 116 primary school children in the process. Although the facts about the day are difficult to hear, it made for an interesting discussion and thoughtful reading. The pupils were enthralled by the details and had very sensitive and inquisitive questions about the day. We used a brain break at the end of the lesson to silently reflect on the event that brings the topic of 'natural disasters' very much home to Wales. 

Foraging Friday - Identifying Autumn Leaves

Pulse Rate Investigation - pupils in Year 5 have been investigating whether exercise has an effect on their heart rate. They measured their resting heart rate, exercised, then measured it again to see if their was an increase. There were some interesting results.

Foraging Friday - Pupils in Year 5 have been discussing how we can help the birds and wildlife in our local area. Today we used different natural materials to make a birds nest and evaluated which one would be the most effective for the birds and why.

Sunflowers - In Year 5 we have been planting sunflower seeds and watching them grow. We have taken responsibility to water them and now they have been replanted into even bigger pots. We can't wait to see how big they grow!

Science - In Year 5 we conducted a pond dipping investigation to discover what water life exists in our school Wild Area. We found newts, tadpoles, fresh water shrimp, water mites, pond skater, water boat men and a frog! A successful investigation which we reflected on and evaluated in class. We decided that next time we should try a different season or later throughout the summer term to compare what water life there was.

Thrive - In Year 5 we have been discussing how to be ambitious, confident, healthy and independent learners. To have positive well-being and a growth mindset we have taken part in a range of activities to support this as a class. Here is one of our activities where we focused on positives about ourselves. Everyone painted a pebble and wrote on a word on it that represented their favourite things about themselves.