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Good Morning 1K

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Good morning 1DJ

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Literacy Task.

Following the link below please watch and join in with the Speed Sounds clip. This will be available to start every morning at 9:30am for 24 hours and is a great way to start the day. There are plenty of other videos available on the following link also if the 9:30am lessons are not suitable for you. 

Thursday 7th January

Set 1 - s

Set 2 – igh

Set 3 – a - e

Reading longer words – ay/ a -e/ ai


These are the lesson available for today. We aim for everyone to know set 1, learn set 2 and challenge themselves with set 3. 

Like yesterday we will start with letter formation.

Can you write all the letters in order and focus on the way you form them? (Parents see the sheet below to see the correct rhyme that goes with each letter)

Can you make a sentence using the words below? (Sentences for parents to read below)








Can you make your own sentences?

Parents please read these sentences aloud to the children.

I was sad when my friends left.

I was a big blue and red fish.

I saw a big bell ringing.

The green grass filled the field.

I love to read my book.

I enjoy riding a horse.


Maths Task

Start by counting to 10, to 20 or as far as you can go. (Don’t push too far)

Can you write your numbers to 10, to 20 or as far as you can go?

The sheet below is all about counting objects and finding a total. If they finish the sheet you could find your own objects for the children to count. 

There is a video link below to aid you.


Can you draw all number bonds to 10?

Topic Task.

As we are a Values School we would love to hear about the Values you have used or seen over the Christmas holidays. Please find attached a poster naming all of our Values. Thursday's challenge is for you to please write about 5 Values that you used over the holidays- e.g. At Christmas I used the Value of sharing by letting my brother play with my toys. In the Christmas holidays I used the value of co-operation by playing nicely with my family in a Monopoly game. If you're feeling creative, why not also draw pictures to match the values you have told us about? Can you show us clear pictures of when you displayed the values? You could draw and colour in or use ICT such as Jit on your Hwb account!

School Values