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Letter to Year 6 Parents/Carers regarding Leavers' Assembly

Solving some maths problems outside...year 6 took a selection of measuring instruments and found perimeters and areas of quadrilaterals and triangles, they estimated lengths and the thought creatively about how to measure a watermelon! 


We have been back from the last period of lockdown for a few weeks now and we are eager to share some of the work we have been busy on.


We have been looking at the history of our town in our Humanities work. We spent some time looking at why people chose to settle in Haverfordwest, we found out the connection between Haverfordwest and the Roman Empire, why Haverfordwest was originally know as Caer Elen and why our castle was built. This week we have been exploring the pandemic of the Black Death and how the Great Plague affected Haverfordwest.


Our class reading book has been the Hobbit. We have uploaded some of our poetic work about Bilbo's backpack and some of our short burst writing based on the eerie forest called Mirkwood.


In science we have been exploring the life cycle of plants and we hope to have some healthy young plants to put into our repaired outdoor gardens. We have included some of our work about pollination on this website. 


Some things found in Bilbo's knapsack


A dragon's tooth which he pulled from Smaug's mouth

A book called "Horrendous beasts; how to find them and how to avoid them"

A hiking stick that he had brought with him from the Misty Mountains

A sleeping bag which was made from the finest leather in all of the Shire, filled with golden goose feathers plucked from the geese of the Elvish Kingdom.

One pot of dragon's gold that shimmers as though the heavens are held within

A Dwarven cloak that has absorbed all the light around its void like aura and if you turn it inside out it camouflages itself into its surroundings.

Two pairs of socks, one green and one yellow, because most hobbits wear green and yellow clothes.

An elvish dagger, but to a small hobbit it is more like a short sword - it glows whenever orcs goblins are nearby.

An endless torch that never goes out - he finds it particularly useful in deep chasms but quite hard to store in a knapsack

Some cheese, blue, the finest in the land.





More of Bilbo's Backpack

All about Pollination

Welcome to our Year 6 page! 


The children have settled in well and we are all adjusting to the new routines.  Learning has begun with enthusiasm and interest, and we are all approaching Year 6 with fortitude and determination.  Mrs Ireland, our Year 6 'bubble' supply teacher, has picked up the reins in 6C in Mr Clarke's absence, a tricky task at the beginning of a school year, but is maintaining our school Values and expectations. 


Our topic is What a Wonderful World, and Year 6 are looking at how they can make it even better, at a personal level and as a class; thinking about their home, our school, our community and the wider world. 

Learning about fossil fuels and how and why the power they generate is being replaced with renewable technology.  

Some super research and work has already been completed on the Effects of Climate Change and in the coming weeks the children will learn about Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg. 

The children will also be organising a fund raising event in the coming weeks, the proceeds of which will enable them to provide a loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries, through the organisation 'Lend with Care'. 


In Literacy the children have been studying the legend of Robin Hood, and have written their own accounts from the viewpoint of Sir Guy of Gisborne.  In the coming weeks they will be writing newspaper articles and a TV report based upon the story of Robin Hood.  These skills will also be revisited and consolidated during their topic work. 


Maths will, once again, be taught using White Rose Maths, a system the children are finding really accessible and engaging, and already progress is being made!


Year 6 comes with responsibility, and the posts of Head Boy and Head Girl are yet to be filled, however, letters of application have been submitted and interviews will follow shortly.  Once those roles are filled, our Class Councillors will be announced.  Good luck to everyone who has applied, and well done to those who gave terrific Class Council speeches! 


Just a reminder, that if children need to be away from school and are not ill (i.e. if they are isolating or waiting for test results) they should access the work on Google Classroom or via their emails; missing work during such an important year is unwise, especially following the long period away from school earlier this year - we have catching up to do to ensure they are ready and prepared for Year 7, academically, personally and socially. 


Although we aren't able to offer meeting at this moment, we are able to speak on the phone, so please, any problems let your child's teacher know and we will call you back when we can (obviously this not be during lesson times).  


Many thanks for your continued support.