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Both Morning and Afternoon Nursery children were delighted when our special visitor, the amazing 'Mazbubbles', visited us. She arrived from Bubble Land, in her striking blue outfit, and brought the magic of giant bubbles with her, delighting the children and adults alike! We watched and chased, and then had a go at making bubbles of our own.

Hunting for eggs and other Easter delights. Our Morning Nursery children hunted on the playground.

We practised our pencil control and painting skills.

We got busy with our families, making Easter bonnets/ hats. The Morning Nursery children paraded through the hall during Year 3's Easter assembly. The Afternoon Nursery children wore their bonnets to the 'Wild Area'.

We made chocolate nest cakes. We got a little bit sticky!

We made Easter baskets to hold our Easter goodies. We started by colouring in as neatly as we could.

We went searching for the signs of Spring in our wild area. We are hoping to spend more and more time outside as the weather improves.

We hope you had a lovely Mothering Sunday, with the people you care about.

FAIRY DRESS UP DAY. We wore our crowns and waved our fairy wands. Some of us even dressed up as fairies (even the grown-ups). We enjoyed: making and eating 'fairy bread'; stretching our bodies by doing 'fairy yoga'; searching in the sand for fairy gems and fluttering all around the school.

We found all the fairy keys in our sandpit and sent them back to the fairies. To say 'thank you', the fairies left us lots of tiny, fairy pegs to find and sort. They were pegged in all sorts of places outside. Once we had found them, we sorted them by colour. Here we are, searching for fairy pegs and sorting them.

We transformed plain, wooden spoons into fairy wands - here we are at the first, painting, stage.

We have a new easel in Nursery. Four children at a time can use it. It’s a very popular choice in ‘choosing time’.

We dressed up in our St. David's Day costumes on pancake day! We had lots of fun learning how to toss pancakes (in our Welsh costumes!)

We did lots of heart related activities for Dydd Santes Dwynwen and for St Valentine’s Day.

The children have enjoyed dressing up in the costumes donated by one of the families - thank you!

Chinese New Year - we celebrated the Chinese new year by dressing in red. We made lanterns and drums. We painted Chinese dragons. We had a go at picking up our food using chopsticks and tasted prawn crackers.

We practised our fine-motor skills. We sprayed water onto cotton-wool balls and then dripped paint, from pipettes, onto them. We watched the paint soaking in.

We had our Christmas party this afternoon. 21.12.18

We had our Christmas Party this morning 21.12.18

We dressed up for our Christmas sing-along this afternoon 20.12.18

We dressed up for our Christmas Sing-along this morning 20.12.18

Father Christmas came to see us this afternoon 19.12.18

Father Christmas came to see us this morning. 19.12.18

Look at our clay and stick hedgehogs. 29.11.18

Our ‘Get Ready to Read’ workshops, were attended by many families of children in Nursery, today. Teddy, reading with his mum and dad.

Teddy Bears' Picnic - today, both morning and afternoon nursery children enjoyed a teddy bears' picnic as a reward for all the hard work and positive behaviour, in line with our school values.

So far in Nursery ...


We have welcomed back last term's afternoon part-timers, who now attend the slightly longer morning session. We are settling into our routines and further developing our social skills as well as practising skills such as pencil and scissor control, counting and singing.  We have particularly enjoyed joining the children from Reception classes all the way up to Year 3 classes for a singing session in the school hall on Friday mornings.  Last week, we learnt an African song and this week we learnt a Welsh song.


We have now also welcomed our new part-timers into Nursery, some of whom only turned 3 last month!  They attend the afternoon session.  They have done really well to settle into the new environment where everything is new and there are nearly 30 other little people to get along with.  We have been learning about working with other people, sharing and taking turns.  We are singing, painting, learning how to hold a pencil properly, recognising colours, counting small numbers of objects, building towers, threading beads and drawing.  



Our first topic - 'Why do you love me so much?'


Our first topic is called 'Why do you love me so much?' In this topic, which is about love, families and how people are the same and different, we will explore the questions: 'What is special about me?' and 'How do we show people that we care?'


Ms R. Harte, Nursery Teacher, Assistant Headteacher