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Year 4

"Something smells fishy around here..." - this week the pupils of 4L had the gross, disgusting, yet interesting task of weighing different types of fish and sea creatures. They first handled them and compared them to different weights. They then made predictions and finally weighed the fish using scales. It was a great opportunity for the pupils to feel the different textures of the fish and explore their different features.

Do we respect the ocean? We started this Summer topic by conducting a beach clean at Broadhaven beach. We were surprised at how much there actually was amongst the sand and pebbles hidden out of sight. We used the data from this beach clean to create a pictograph chart.This informed us which was the most common type of litter - which happened to be nets and rope from fishing boats, which is arguably the most dangerous to wildlife.

Llangrannog 2019 - part two

Llangrannog 2019

The children in Year 4 asked the big question " How effective was a tersorium as a bottom wiping tool in Roman times?"  This is a picture of one group conducting their investigation.  

Local Author Inspires Year 4

Year 4 were extremely lucky to have a local author - Fran Evans visit them today. We had read some of Fran's s novels before her arrival this week including 'Marsh Pony' and 'When Granny Tells a Story' both of which were illustrated by Fran as well. 


Fran gave a talk to the children on how she is motivated and inspired to write about and draw what she sees when on walks etc. Quite often animal related. Pupils had the opportunity to question Fran on her career which they found inspiring. Fran then showed the children how to skilfully use charcoal to sketch drawings of animals, which the children had a go at doing themselves. Finally, as we have been reading Alice in Wonderland in school - she demonstrated to the children how to draw the white rabbit, step by step. Both Year 4 classes produced some excellent versions of the rabbit themselves which have been displayed in school. 


Please look at the slideshow of images above from our morning with Fran.

Year 4 have been enjoying their Outdoor Learning in both Maths and Science.  They have been forming numbers using natural materials and collecting litter from the school field as part of 'Our Sustainable World' investigation.

Outdoor Learning

Caerleon Roman Visit - Year 4 had a fantastic time this half term exploring Caerleon Roman Ruins and Museum. We saw the UK's best amphitheatre example, a well preserved Roman Baths and a replica barracks room. We also had a very informative tour of the Roman Museum.

Visit From Action For Children - Joanne and Bethan from Action for Children visited Year 4 to raise awareness of young carers in Wales and Pembrokeshire. The pupils enjoyed learning about young carers lives and were surprised when making comparisons with their own lives

Our Sustainable World - Litter picking. Year 4 are exploring the sustainability of our planet and as a introductory investigation we looked at how litter impacts our environment. We walked around the community field which is shared by public walkers, football teams, STP and ourselves to see what we could find.

Children in Need 2016 - 4L Carwash - Thank you to all the girls and boys efforts in raising £68 in one afternoon.

Year 4 experiment to find the best Roman method of bottom-wiping, compared to modern toilet paper.

Welcome to Year 4!


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