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Year 6

Dear all, we have been making some changes ready for your return next week. We cannot wait to see you all again.


The children in Year 6 are lucky enough to be receiving specialist rugby coaching, which they are thoroughly enjoying.  They will take part in a tournament against schools within our family of schools. 

Year 6 Science Breakfast Club has restarted following requests from the children. Much fun is had working practically for discovery. 

The children in Year 6 work hard to learn about sustainability.  They understand the need for the reduction of fossil fuels and the need to increase the use of renewable energy.  

They produced their own wind turbine models in order to investigated how different blades effect their efficiency. 

Much fun was had adapting and adjusting to make efficient turbines. 

Year 6 have really enjoyed making their own news reports as they have followed the stories of the tragic wildfires in Australia    

Ava worked hard to produce her own news report.

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Year 6 had an amazing day today.  With it being the first day of Anti-bullying week, PC Thomas came into school to talk to the children all about bullying- its different guises and what they can do to help stop it.  The children listened carefully, and we decided that having kindness and respect for everyone would make for a fabulous learning  environment for us all. 

This afternoon we hopped on a bus and headed to Withybush Showground where the emergency services and various other agencies had set up ready for this year’s Crucial Crew. 

The children had a brilliant time, listened well and participated fully with a host of different agencies: fire service (escaping a coach/building when there is smoke/fire); food hygiene; the ambulance service (with enough resusci-dolls to give everyone a go at CPR); the police (looking at cyber bullying); power (looking at safety around electricity); domestic abuse (what to do/how to get help); the lifeguards (safety on the beaches); and road safety.  The children behaved brilliantly and had a terrific time. 

Crucial Crew

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Year Six...the final year of Primary School...being at the top of the tree!  This thought can make children nervous or anxious...not so our new Year Sixes...they have settled in amazingly well and are already working hard. They’re busy practising multiplication tables; using numbers up to ten million; they’re really enjoying our class reader, Cogheart; and many have been busy writing letters and speeches in their bid for a role of responsibility within the school. 


This afternoon they have enjoyed a hands on Science lesson, classifying materials.  Using a selection of gooey, sticky, squidgy, hard, soft and wet things, they decided if they were solids, liquids and gasses by noting their properties; they also discovered that oobleck  was a non-Newtonian fluid.  Much messy fun was had by all!