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Fireman Lee visited Year 5 last week and talked to us all about fire safety in the home.  The children watched a video of a fire beginning and discussed fire hazards and how quickly smoke can fill the house, making it a very dangerous place to be.  They listened to Lee explain that a fire safety plan is important to have so that everyone knows where they should meet and how to get out of the house.  We hope the children came home and explained the homework to you so they are prepared if the worst does ever happen!

Fireman Lee Write Ups

Children's Mental Health Week 2019

Children's Mental Health Week Activities

Building Blocks

We have been using rich planning tasks to inspire the children and get them motivated with their learning.  Our first task is focused on the upcoming Jenkins Wedding and the children were given the mission to plan a Prendergast Wedding.  The children discussed all the features of a good wedding and we researched different companies online and their costs for the various features they would need to decide upon.  Each group made their own decisions about which dresses, suits, cakes, bridesmaids outfits, photographer, cars, venues, etc. to include in their wedding plan.  There was a budget of £14,000 given to each group to make them realise the importance of budgeting and tracking money and savings.  They used all the four operations to solve money related problems expressed in words and ordered and compared costs.  We taught them how to use EXCEL to create a spreadsheet to plan and track their money and savings.  It is been an interesting and Maths rich task for them to get involved in - however a few of them are starting to realise how 'stressful' wedding planning is! :-) 

A Prendergast Wedding

We hope that you have had a fabulous break and enjoyed plenty of time with all your family and friends!  We are refreshed and ready for whatever 2019 has to offer us and we hope you all are too! :-) 

Firstly, we would like to welcome Miss Howells to the Year 5 team...  She will be joining Class 5E and teaching on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future.  Secondly, we would like to remind you all that there will be no Leisure Centre this week so come to school as normal in school uniform please.  

See you then!

The end of our first term in year 5!


We've been so busy over the last few weeks and the evidence is clear to see on our exciting displays.  We have produced some really beautiful work in addition to enjoying some fantastic experiences and so we will all be looking forward to a well earned rest over the Christmas holidays.  We look forward to being able to recharge our brains and come back in January with lots of amazing ideas!

Wow! We've been busy!

Year 5 in the Millenium Stadium

Cardiff Urdd Trip

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What a very special experience to have a private tour around the Millenium Stadium... The Queen’s VIP box, the press conference room, the changing rooms and every level of the stadium - ground to top! Impressive!

Cardiff Urdd Trip

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The Global Buffet was incredibly tasty and we are seriously full now!

Cardiff Urdd Trip

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We were thoroughly entertained at Techniquest this morning, enjoying a presentation on electricity and then exploring the building full of science activities. Parents will be pleased to hear we spent most of our money in the shop there!

Cardiff Urdd Trip

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Speedboating was the most awesome experience and definitely woke us up for the day!


World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

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Charlotte in 5W was really keen to celebrate World Diabetes Day and so some children in Year 5 dressed up as Superheroes - the theme for World Diabetes Day this year! The idea is that every person who has diabetes needs a superhero support network around them and the children made posters to show their own personal family and friend superheroes with details about what Type 1 Diabetes is. These posters were made to raise awareness about the condition. Please watch 5E's video to see some of the wonderful posters they made!

Remembrance Day Assembly

Our Egyptian Headdresses!

Shwmae Day was all about Welsh missions - the children made wordles in a welsh dragon template, used the Welsh apps on the Ipads, learnt how to do guided reading with given roles and designed posters to promote learning Welsh!

Hi... We are the new Year 5 classes for 2018-19 and we have had a SUPERB start to the term! 


Our first half term has been all about settling in and getting used to Year 5 routines and expectations.  It is a jump up from Year 4 but we are ready for a challenge and willing to work hard to reap the rewards from being successful.  YAY!


We have been learning methods to multiply and divide large numbers in MATHS; write stories, diary entries and persuasive letters in LANGUAGE; how to give personal details about ourselves in WELSH (yn Cymraeg); investigate pulse rates and study the body in SCIENCE; and research everything to do with Pharaohs living in Ancient Egypt for TOPIC. 


We are particularly enjoying Genius Hour where we get to research and investigate our own passions and interests.  The teachers are all keen to see our presentations at the end - some of us have done Powerpoints, some of us have done dance routines, some of us have done posters, and some of us have done booklets.  There is such a range because we are all so different and so choose different ways to showcase our research.


We are very much looking forward to leading the Prendergast Remembrance Day Service after half term - please come and join us on Friday 9th November.  Then, we have our Cardiff Urdd rrip which will be the highlight of the year so far!  After that Class 5E will also lead their assembly - the date for this will be Friday November 30th.  Again, we hope many of you can come and join us.


Have a great half term and look out for more updates of our work and pictures of the things we take part in!



On Thursday 21st June a selection of Year 5 children had a spectacular trip to Pembrokeshire College for a super STEM challenge.  Organised by the Darwin Centre and ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers), the children put on PPE and built an amazing suspension bridge. 
Once built, we all had the oppotunity to walk across it!


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Once we’d dismantled the bridge, we were given a guided tour of the engineeringing workshopd, led by Will and Karen, lecturers at the college. We visited the machine room, the welding room, the car maintenance garage and the areas where they bend metal by heating it.  We all had our hair sucked by the extractor vent. 
We had a fabulous morning. It inspired us all!
Last week, Year 5 went to Cardiff on a school residential trip.  They went and stayed in the Urdd Centre in Cardiff Bay and had the BEST time!  There were loads of activities, including speed boating, Techniquest, bowling, swimming, ice skating, visiting the Big Pit and the Royal Mint as well as a hospital visit for a few with casualties after ice skating (oops!).  The children impressed all the staff that went with how responsible and caring they were.  They behaved well when out in public, listening to instructions and keeping an eye out for each other and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company.  It was so great to see the children out of the classroom environment!  Jackaby and Oisin made an imovie video for the year group...  

Cardiff Urdd Trip - Part 1

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Cardiff Urdd Trip - Part 2

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Some independent writing about the trip...

A new term and our final term together as Year 5... A busy few weeks ahead as we have Class 5E’s Community Assembly, National Testing week and our residential trip to Cardiff. The children are very excited about our new topic Scream Machine too and have already been designing their own theme park roller coaster rides with them onboard! Who knew school could be so much fun?!


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Practising our welsh reading skills... The teachers were very impressed!


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Spring Term 2018


The children are loving our new topic, Castles and Kingdoms, and have enjoyed their treat of a free trip to Pembroke Castle.  Although the weather was incredibly wet, the children were wrapped up warm and hardly complained as they explored the historic site.  They had an official tour with a tour guide who knew lots of gory tales to tell of capturing and defending a castle - they especially liked the stories of the dungeons and of all the harsh punishments that befell the prisoners!!  They also got the chance to do a brass rubbing and some of the images turned out very well and are up on our display boards for all to see.  Hopefully, this trip will have inspired the children and this will reflect in their work as they complete tasks over the coming weeks.  


Our challenge as Key Stage 2 this term is to make better use of our fantastic outdoor areas.  Following this each year group will have a given day in which to plan and carry out tasks outdoors.  We ask for your support in providing the children with appropriate clothing so that they can take full advantage of this!


Bike Checks will be happening on Wednesday afternoon, the 7th March, and then safer cycling will start from the Monday after and will continue all term.  This is a great opportunity for the children and again encourages them to be independent and use the outdoor space they have, outside of school, safely.


Class 5W will be holding their own class assembly this half term and are looking forward to teaching all staff and pupils (as well as parents and other family members) all about Fairtrade.

New Year, New Classes

It’s the start of a new Year and the children are settling well into their new classes. Year 5 is bringing new and exciting challenges and the children are enjoying getting to grips with what is expected in year 5. We are all looking forward to what this new Year has to offer. 





Our current topic is Pharaohs and the children are really engaged with their learning, tackling tasks based on Mummification, the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, mathematical pyramid problems and much more! 


On Tuesday 16th May Year 5 ventured out to a remote farm in St Davids - Dr Beynon's Bug Farm.  The weather was murky, but our spirits weren't dampened as we split into three groups for our exciting activities.  We visited the bug zoo, looking at and learning about all kinds of wonderful mini beasts (and some not so mini!!); vinigeroons (who squirt vinegar from their bottoms); assassin bugs (who kill by paralysing then liquefying their prey); locusts; golden web spiders; Madagascan hissing cockroaches and scorpions were all to be seen.   
Next came the glorious Grub Kitchen, where we learned about the nutritious value of eating bugs: they're high in protein and low in fat, and farming them is kind to our planet.  Most children tried some, with mixed results!! 
Then we had a 'hands on' experience, meeting Madagascan hissing cockroaches, stick insects and fruit beetle larvae.  With names like Jeff, Dave and Joe, we knew they must be friendly...and they were. Most of the children were brave enough to have a hold, and many commented on their "cute" faces! 
Gwenllian Warrior Princess and some fun activities! 
The last week of the term brought some fabulous activities for Year 5... Our topic, Warrior Princess, came to a glorious end with a dress up, pottage making afternoon; and our final day of term when the Easter Bunny was kidnapped, leading to a series of challenges, involving teamwork, problem solving and using some of what they have learned this term, to help secure his release. Thank goodness they succeeded!  

From creating the tallest free standing tower from newspaper, sticky tape and string, to drawing and naming the human skeleton from memory, before making and flying a paper aeroplane, the children succeeded in freeing the Easter Bunny and were rewarded for their efforts.

We made pottage from onions, carrots, potatoes, turnip, parsnip and oats with marjoram, rosemary and thyme.

On Friday 31st March the year 5 classes were invited to an Easter story activity session at St Mary's church in Haverfordwest.  5W enjoyed a morning session whilst 5R went in the afternoon. We had a lovely time, with members of the church performing a sensitive retelling, with musicians and props. Children were invited to join in and take on roles as disciples, palm wavers and people of Jerusalem, all enjoying the interaction.  

Following this we had squash and homemade biscuits whist we made palm crosses and filled in Easter word searches.

The children behaved impeccably, showing beautiful manners and Prendergast values! Our thanks go to all at St Mary's for an enjoyable experience. 

Rydyn ni'n dwlu ar Llangrannog!

  The children in year 5 have recently returned from a fantastic and successful trip to Llangrannog and it's fair to say that everyone had a brilliant time! The children showed excellent values throughout the trip and their positive behaviour and attitudes were commented upon by others at the site. We are all so proud as staff of their impeccable behaviour.

  Everyone took part in most activities and a number of children overcame fear and apprehension, demonstrating great determination and courage in trying activities that they may not initially have been confident in trying.  Each and every child encouraged others within their groups, working well as teams to ensure that everyone had the chance to reach their full potential. 

  In addition to days and evenings filled with numerous activities, the children and staff alike filled their tummies with delicious food, with curry, meatballs, lasagne and other culinary delights on offer during our visit. 

  We are sure that you will have already been inundated with stories about our time at Llangrannog however we have included a few photos from our visit, which we know the children will love telling you about and more photos will be added as and when we are able to transfer them from the 4 full iPads that returned from Llangrannog with us.

  Diolch yn fawr to all children and parents for helping to make this such a successful trip.

Tobogganing fun!

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Rio showing terrific values helping Osian on the high ropes.

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Llangrannog 2017

Apologies for the lack of updates, but the wifi signal is very temperamental and the children are very busy packing as much fun into the day as possible! 

We have already experienced the swimming, skiing, high ropes and much more!  Everyone is looking forward to what today has to offer, with a disco this evening too. The children are being well fed, enjoying a delicious lunch yesterday and a lovely evening meal. 


On Tuesday 28th February Year 5 enjoyed a fabulously fun trip to Folly Farm where they experienced the fiercesome forces in the fun fair and play area that they have been learning about in class.  

Potential energy was converted to kinetic energy as gravity pulled them down the slides. The pull of centripetal force was felt as they whizzed around on the Jets and the Skid, and the bumper cars showed the effect of balancing forces very quickly! 

We had a terrific day-lots of laughter, a frisson of fear and, for some, new found courage.  The children behaved impeccably, and were commended upon this by other visitors at Folly Farm.


Bumper Bonanza

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Scary Jets

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For our Scream Machine homework some of the children built some terrific rides using 'junk'.  We were really impressed with their creativity and ingenuity. Well done!

Tegan's Super Slingshot!

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Tegan made a fabulous Sling Shot ride.

Casey' Pirate Ship ride was fabulous, and Livia's drop ride, terrifying. Super work, girls.

Sol's Super Marble Run

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Made from tubes, plastic bottles, boxes and sticky tape, Sol's marble run was truly terrific. It worked perfectly every time and even used bottle tops to 'catch' the marble at the end.

What do you think of our amazing prototype drop ride?

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James, Isaac and Harvey created this fantastic model of a drop ride today. They even included elastic strips to support their passenger (the egg!) at the end of their drop.

Part 2

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Welcome to Year 5!

The children have been working very hard so far this half term, learning lots of interesting things about the Pharaohs, working on a variety of skills in Maths Makes Sense, studying the Greek myth of Prometheus and Pandora and a variety of other subjects.  





Things to remember


  • PE lessons are on a Tuesday afternoon.


School Calendar


Once again, year 5 have the responsibility for organising and creating the 2017 school calendar, to be sold at various events.  Should anyone have a business that would like to sponsor the calendar and would like to feature within the calendar, please get in touch via letter to the school.