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Year 4

Pupils attempting CPR.

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Year 4 pupils soon realise how difficult it is to do the '30 count' of chest compressions on a patient requiring CPR. Some paramedics have had to maintain CPR on a person for up to 40 minutes in the past, which can obviously be very tiring - but absolutely valuable if it saves a life! An important message is if you get tired doing CPR, swap with another person to keep the procedure going and get your energy back.

Heart Foundation Charity Visits Year 4 - Year 4 children had the opportunity to perform CPR in class and receive training about how to save a persons life if they stop breathing or their heart stops. The children were very responsive and engaged in the sessions. They were told some very important messages, specifically "Always have ago at CPR if someone is in need - you can't go wrong, but you may save a life" and "If possible dial 999 for assistance." We thank Glyn for the sessions he delivered as it gave a brilliant insight into the work paramedics and other health professionals do - a great addition to our topic work this term.

This week in Year 4 we have held our class elections for some important roles within the school. Thank you to all the children who prepared speeches and considered themselves for some of the positions. Everybody did really well. 


The positions available included: Class Councillor, Vice Councillor, Criw Cymraeg, and Eco Warrior (for each class in Year 4). 


Following some magnificent speeches and intense voting, the following pupils were successful:


yes Class Councillor (4L) yes yes Class Councillor (4H) yes
Eliza M Millie L
yes Vice Councillor (4L) yes   

  yes  Vice Councillor (4H) yes

Lily C Rhys T
smiley Criw Cymraeg (4L) smiley     smiley Criw Cymraeg (4H) smiley
Kemi Lacey T
enlightenedEco-Warrior (4L)enlightened  enlightenedEco-Warrior (4H) enlightened     
Kisal Blake L


Congratulations to all!!!!

I am sure you will do us all proud this year.