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Please head over to Class Dojo for home learning ideas. There are lots of ideas in the booklet posted below too.

As your child learns to write letters, we use handwriting phrases to help them remember where to start and how to form each letter. These are the phrases we use. (They appear in the order we learn the sounds.)

Dear parents/ carers. Here is a booklet of ideas for home learning for children in the Nursery. At the start of the booklet is a list of skills that children develop over their time in Nursery. Have a go at learning the skills listed. There are some activity ideas for the skills in this booklet but you may find other ways to develop the skills. Keep coming back to the skills and practise them in many different ways.

Here are some home learning ideas linked to the book, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. If you have the book at home, read and discuss it. You can listen to the author himself (Eric Carle) reading the book on YouTube. The images below are photographs. I have uploaded the information as PDFs and as a Powerpoint for clearer viewing/ printing. Enjoy.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar home-learning ideas in different formats - for you to view or print.

A list of things to do at home, with your Nursery aged child. Simple activities, many of which require no resources.

Below is a list of links that you might find useful for home-learning.