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Topic Task


We shall be focusing on the Christmas break over the next three days before we start our new topic on Monday.

At Prendergast we are a values school, and we want to reflect on those values to start the new year. We would like the children to create sentences to answer the questions below. The children can record their answers on paper, as a voice message or a video clip to be shared with us. (We will provide more details about how to send these videos or messages to us as we progress.)


Think about the Christmas break

What has been your happiest moment?

What made you excited?

What did you do on Christmas Day?

Why are you excited to start school in 2021?


Literacy Task.

Following the link below please watch and join in with the Speed Sounds clip. This will be available to start every morning at 9:30am for 24 hours and is a great way to start the day. There are plenty of other videos available on the following link also if the 9:30am lessons are not suitable for you. 


Can you write all the letters in order and focus on the way you form them? (Parents see the sheet on the first Year 1 page for the correct rhyme that goes with each letter)

Can you make a sentence using the words below? (Sentences for parents to read below)








Can you make your own sentences?

Parents please read these sentences aloud to the children.

The dog was very fast.

The cat ran up a tree.

My arm is very strong.

I like to play outside.

I love snow.

Shut the door!

Maths Task

Start by counting to 10, to 20 or as far as you can go. (Don’t push too far)

Can you write your numbers to 10, to 20 or as far as you can go?

Below you will find a sheet to complete. The children will need to count the items and show that number in blocks or items from your house. They could draw circles or squares on paper to show their work.