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Literacy Tasks

Can you follow the link below to watch, listen and join in with the speed sounds for today? These are super important for your reading and writing skills :) The videos will be available at 9:30am everyday for 24 hours. 


Sounds for today-

Set 1- n

Set 2- ar

Set 3- aw

Reading longer words- or/aw


For todays work can you describe the firework pictures below? You could choose one and create a few sentences, you could pick a few and use short sentences with "I can see..." or you could create a mind map of wow words and adjectives to describe what you can see!  Please complete it whichever way you find easiest- writing or recording. 


Firework Description Pictures

Maths Warm Up

Count to 10 forwards in English and then in Welsh.

Can you now count backwards from 5, from 10 and even from 20?

If you feel like completing a chilli challenge why not try and count to 20 in Welsh?