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Please have a browse at the new layout of our Year 3 classrooms, they are all ready for your return!


We can't wait to see all of your smiley faces smiley


Year 3 Team

Welcome Back!

3K's Imagination Homework


I would like to take a moment to thank the children and parents for their effort towards this terms' homework. We have received some wonderful projects down our corridor in the morning and the chidlren are so proud of their masterpieces! One of the challenges in their homework grid  is to create their own imaginative world at home.

Please have a look at a few we have had so far, keep up the incredible work 3K, you are blowing me away!

Miss Keating

Imagination Homework

Year 3's Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters' Un-Birthday Tea Party Launch Day!

Year 3 had an incredibly immersive afternoon on Friday 24th January!


We had our launch day for our topic of "A World of Pure Imagination", we have all been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class and we watched clips of the original Alice in Wonderland film to inspire some ideas for activities, real life-learning experiences and also for our launch day!


The children really engaged with making all of their foods and making decorations for their party, we were overwhelmed at the generosity of donations of food we received- thank you so much, we coudn't have done it without you!


During our time in the hall we discussed how we made the foods and how they were imagiantive from the inspiration of Alice in Wonderland- we think its a crazy story!


Please stay tuned for more of our fantatsic learning experiences!


Year 3

Miss Keating and Mrs Davies