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Are We There Yet?

June-July 2019

We have been learning about sea turtles and their journeys. We learnt about other countries, the oceans, sea creatures and how pollution affects all of us.


Why don't snakes have legs?

April - May 2019


Why don't snakes have legs? Why do chameleons change colour? We explore these questions and learn about reptiles in this project.


What is a Reflection?

March-April 2019

Will you read me a story?

Jan-Feb 2019

What happens when we fall asleep?

November 2018

Do you want to be friends? September 2018

We read the story of Chester the raccoon going to school for the first time.This is about Chester's first night at school and how he feels . It helps the children to say good-bye and be a happy brave ten coming into school.

We have worked on several different activities using a wide range of skills which includes PSD-working  cooperatively with others, Numeracy-using our maths skills and Literacy-using our communication skills. These activities can be accessed by pressing on the yellow stars.

On Friday November 17th we visited 'The Secret Owl Garden' at Picton Castle. Everyone thought it was amazing!

The owls were beautiful and all different shapes and sizes.

We saw lots of amazing owls.

We saw lots of different owls flying.

Still image for this video
The owls flew over our heads. It was amazing to see them.

Having an opportunity to hold an owl and see one close-up was an amazing experience.

We were lucky enough to see a Nightjar.

We have talked about our special places and learnt about mosques while discussing 2D and 3D shapes.

We drew a picture of our special place and wrote a sentence explaining where our special place was.

We looked at photographs of mosques.

We drew our own mosque and wrote either 'This is a mosque.' or 'a mosque'.

We designed and drew large pictures of our own mosques, then painted them.


We have built our own mosques using 3D shapes.

We talked about and wrote what was special about each of us.

I am special because ...

In the Wild Area we looked for trees and the signs of autumn.

We recorded our findings on a table using tally marks and numbers.

Do You Want To Be Friends? 2017


Our current topic is 'Do You Want To Be Friends?'. This topic is about being kind, making friends and working together.


We all enjoyed 'The Kissing Hand' story and feel more confident when coming into school, like Chester the racoon. Our Check-Ins have been high in Value. smiley

Making our Kissing Hand collage

We are learning about similarities and differences. Same examples are through our science work; making ice lollies, testing our skateboards, looking for signs of autumn and finding and identifying trees in our Wild Area by the shape of their leaves.

Making ice lollies

We made our own skateboards and we tested how far they can go.



Our topic for this half term is 'Who lives in a rock pool', in this topic we are going to learn about the seashore and the plants and animals that live there.

We made a rock pool collage working collaboratively.

Learning how to stay safe on the beach.

May 2017

Our 'Why do Ladybirds have Spots?' Topic has a science focus involving minibeasts. 

25.05.17 Treat Day ' Minibeast Feast'

We made spider and butterfly biscuits. We also made muck and added some worms... All of it was delicious!

12.05.17 Releasing ladybirds in the Wild Area.

March 2017

Our new topic is 'What's That Sound?', this project is about familiar and unfamiliar sounds and music. We are exploring a range of sound sources and experiment with different ways of making and organising sounds through indoor and outdoor activities.

Welcome to Reception!


We have all been making a super effort to write our own and our friends' names.