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What’s outdoors?

Sport Relief 2020

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Year 1 took on a Teddy Bear challenge. We battled the wind but we DID IT!!!!

A new year and we have a new topic. Time is passing quickly and we are proud to show just a small amount of the learning we have done already! Our new topic is called “What’s Outdoors?” 

This topic is all about getting ourselves outside and enjoying what the world has to offer us. We thank you for bring in PE kits on a Monday just in case a muddy puddle becomes too tempting not to splash in. We would also like to thank you for bring in the children wellington boots so we can explore and learn in our outdoor areas.


We are on the look out for drain pipes and guttering for water play, small log slices for construction and any unused wind break poles or poles of similar description to weave the willow in the wild area. We will attach a picture below of the items to give you an idea. 


We we hope you enjoy the learning we have on show below. 

We are looking for

We are looking for 1 Guttering
We are looking for 2 Downpipes doesn’t have to be square
We are looking for 3 Windbreak poles
We are looking for 4 Windbreak poles
We are looking for 5 Loose parts
We are looking for 6 Loose parts

Creative Arts Week

Creative Arts Week 1
Creative Arts Week 2
Creative Arts Week 3
Creative Arts Week 4
Creative Arts Week 5
Creative Arts Week 6
Creative Arts Week 7
Creative Arts Week 8
Creative Arts Week 9
Creative Arts Week 10
Creative Arts Week 11
Creative Arts Week 12
Creative Arts Week 13
Creative Arts Week 14
Creative Arts Week 15
Creative Arts Week 16
Creative Arts Week 17
Creative Arts Week 18
Creative Arts Week 19
Creative Arts Week 20
Creative Arts Week 21

Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy

Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 1
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 2
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 3
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 4
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 5
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 6
Creative Arts Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldworthy 7

Making Leafman

Making Leafman 1 Collecting sticks and leaves from our wild area.
Making Leafman 2
Making Leafman 3
Making Leafman 4
Making Leafman 5
Making Leafman 6
Making Leafman 7
Making Leafman 8
Making Leafman 9
Making Leafman 10
Making Leafman 11
Making Leafman 12
Making Leafman 13
Making Leafman 14
Making Leafman 15
Making Leafman 16
Making Leafman 17
Making Leafman 18
Making Leafman 19
Making Leafman 20
Making Leafman 21
Making Leafman 22
Making Leafman 23
Making Leafman 24
Making Leafman 25
Making Leafman 26
Making Leafman 27
Making Leafman 28

Independent Learning

Independent Learning 1
Independent Learning 2
Independent Learning 3
Independent Learning 4
Independent Learning 5
Independent Learning 6
Independent Learning 7
Independent Learning 8
Independent Learning 9
Independent Learning 10
Independent Learning 11
Independent Learning 12
Independent Learning 13
Independent Learning 14
Independent Learning 15
Independent Learning 16
Independent Learning 17
Independent Learning 18
Independent Learning 19
Independent Learning 20
Independent Learning 21
Independent Learning 22
Independent Learning 23
Where’s Wally

Our Topic this term is Where’s Wally.

Wally has been travelling around the world making stops at a number of different countries.

We wanted to share some of our stops with you.



Wales 1
Wales 2

Friday 6th September, 2019

We have had a fantastic first few days in Year 1. The children have impressed us by settling in so well - they are quickly getting used to their new routines and practices.

We are in the process of issuing reading materials for the children and will send these home, along with Reading Record Diaries, next week. In the meantime, keep reading stories to your child every day.

Our new topic is called ‘Where’s Wally?’ and focuses on different countries from around the World. We will learn a little bit about countries, world cultures and the similarities and differences in people and their traditions.  We will show the children some items from different countries.  If you have anything at home that your child could show to the class, please bring it to show and share on Monday.

Ideas: clothing, crafts, arts, pottery, beadwork, fabric, jewellery, musical instruments…

Thank you