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Mrs D Davies's Blog 04/09/20

It is the end of Day 2 for many of our children at school and it has been so wonderful to see them all.  They have settled back into school remarkably - like they have never been away, particularly our youngest children who we thought may have found new classrooms, routines and staff a little more difficult.  The children are a credit to our parents/carers - they are happy, smart and ready to learn.


On Monday, we look forward to seeing our Year 3 and Year 5 children - all our statutory age children (Reception to Yr 6) will then be at school.  On Tuesday, we shall begin to induct our Nursery children.


Strict protocols around hygiene have been in place and all children have been most respectful around this, each child has stayed within their own 'class bubble' for work, play and eating.  We feel that this is the safest way for our children and staff at this current time and is in line with Government guidance.  We do not envisage undertaking any mass gatherings until such time when guidance suggests it is possible.


We have scheduled key events for this term, in the same way as always but have planned, at this time, for assemblies, Harvest, Remembrance etc. to be virtual experiences.


The school has continued to offer wrap around care for those parents who require it and I thank our staff and Fun Club staff for sharing my want to support our families with this.


We thank our parents for their patience at the end of the day - it may take us a few days to work through the quickest and safest exit possible and any plan must have a suitable contingency for the wettest weather.