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Mrs Davies's Blog Spring Term 2

The children and staff returned from half term ready to face a very busy week at school - Pancake Day, St Davids Day, Pupil Voice Art and World Book Day.


The week started with both Years 1 and 5 enjoying the day at Folly Farm(successfully avoiding the rain). There was a very different emphasis for each year group - the day enhancing our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic for the younger children whilst giving our Year 5 group the opportunity to more fully understand the mechanics of the fairground. During their time at Folly Farm , some eager pancake makers managed to burn the pancakes, resulting in the rest of us evacuating the building due to the fire alarm sounding. Nevertheless, a good fire drill exercise for all - everyone out in less than 3 minutes!!


We all celebrated St Davids Day through song and dance on Wednesday afternoon. The children looked great( well done everyone) and participated beautifully as each Year group presented an item to share with the rest of the school and also our "best friends" from the Day Centre.


On Thursday, a group of our Year 6 children worked with local artists with a view to capture their thoughts on play through artwork, this will link into the pupil voice work the children have undertaken regarding what play means all - they have, of course, included our Values such as Freedom, Co operation , Happiness, Caring etc..We hope to see this work displayed at next week's Play Conference at Folly Farm.


Many exciting things have continued throughout the week, culminating in a celebration of World Book Day today. The dress code was Pyjamas and Story book, whilst the theme was "Cosy In Classrooms" -a truly, special family day observing staff and children together - relaxing and sharing a love of books - delightful!


Have a good weekend everyone - another busy week next week.